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‚ÄčTasks and documents to help you do your job.

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buy something for work something for workWe need to ensure goods and services are procured in an open, fair and transparent manner. Learn more about government's procurement requirements.
get IT support IT supportThe IT division of Central Services can help with all your information technology needs. Learn more about IT support services available to you.
make arrangements for an employee who is leaving arrangements for an employee who is leavingWhen an employee leaves government there are a number of items that need to be considered. Using this list of tasks will help you ensure all important actions are addressed.
make arrangements for a new employee to start arrangements for a new employee to startCongratulations! You have a have hired a new employee. There are a number of things you will need to do to help prepare for their arrival. Using this list of startup tasks will help you ensure a smooth start day for your new hire.
make travel arrangements for work travel arrangements for workAs part of your job you may need to travel for work. The Central Vehicle Agency (CVA) allows employees to book short-term vehicle rentals to for travel use.
manage a fleet vehicle a fleet vehicleAs a government employee, you may need access to an assigned vehicle for your job. The Central Vehicle Agency (CVA) helps supply government organizations with different types of vehicles required for their work.

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Purchasing Overview OverviewJust like any service provider, government needs to procure various goods and services in order to carry out programs.
Procurement of Goods of GoodsThere are a variety of situations in which you may need to procure a good (supplies).
Procurement of Services of ServicesDo you need a service outside those offered by government? Learn the Financial Administration Manual regulations surrounding the procurement of services.
IT Security Services Security ServicesAs a responsible, accountable and secure public service, we must protect our data from risks by strengthening our IT security awareness and following IT security policies and standards.
IT service request service requestFrom desktop computers to mobile devices, IT resources and supports are critical to helping government employees deliver programs and services.
IT Tools, Resources and Guides Tools, Resources and GuidesThe IT division (ITD) offers a variety of programs, educational resources, and self-help tools to support government employees.