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‚ÄčTasks and documents to help you do your job.

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access the Human Resource Manual the Human Resource ManualThe Human Resource Manual is a collection of corporate human resource policies and guidelines developed to assist managers and human resource professionals.
access training and learning resources training and learning resourcesTraining is available for new and current employees to help them learn the ins and outs of government.
make arrangements for an employee who is leaving arrangements for an employee who is leavingWhen an employee leaves government there are a number of items that need to be considered. Using this list of tasks will help you ensure all important actions are addressed.
find information on pay information on payEmployees will be able to find information on their pay including deductions, altering hours of work, overpayments, salary calculations and up-in-range appointments.
access employee programs employee programsEmployees can find information on how to join programs such as employee networks and the corporate mentorship program.
start an IT project an IT projectDo you have a business problem in need of an IT solution? A government-wide process has been put in place to ensure the best use of government resources, ensure fiscal responsibility and provide ministries, agencies and commissions with the IT resources t

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Collective Bargaining Agreements Bargaining AgreementsA collective bargaining agreement is a written agreement or contract arrived at as the result of negotiations between an employer and a union. If you are a unionized employee, one of these contracts will apply to you.
Section 600: Travel and Other Payment Policies 600: Travel and Other Payment PoliciesPolicies related to payment for travel by employees in the public service, as well as payments due estates, direct deposit of salary cheques and requesting supplements for SGEU and CUPE600 for recruitment and retention purposes.
Employee and Family Assistance Program and Family Assistance ProgramSometimes life's obstacles can feel overwhelming. At times like these, it's comforting to know you have someone to lean on - someone to listen to your concerns and offer guidance and support.
Section 1200: Out-of-Scope Compensation Policies and Programs 1200: Out-of-Scope Compensation Policies and ProgramsPolicies and programs regarding compensation to out-of-scope employees in the public service.
Payroll Schedules SchedulesThis page provides information on payroll schedules for in-scope and out-of-scope employees.
Electronic Timecards TimecardsThis guide will provide employees with tutorials and tools to assist in using electronic timecards