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Tasks and documents to help you do your job.

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find information on pay Service Commission/Task Pages/find-information-on-pay.aspxfind information on payEmployees will be able to find information on their pay including deductions, altering hours of work, overpayments, salary calculations and up-in-range appointments.
access the Human Resource Manual Service Commission/Task Pages/Human-Resource-Manual.aspxaccess the Human Resource ManualThe Human Resource Manual is a collection of corporate human resource policies and guidelines developed to assist managers and human resource professionals.
hire an employee Service Commission/Task Pages/hire an employee.aspxhire an employeeThis page will help managers who are currently experiencing a vacancy, or expect a staffing vacancy to arise in their workplace.
find information about benefits Service Commission/Task Pages/find-information-about-benefits.aspxfind information about benefitsEmployees will be able to find information on their pension, group insurance, disability, flex, dental and health benefits on this page.
complete a work plan Service Commission/Task Pages/complete-a-work-plan.aspxcomplete a work planEmployee work planning provides an opportunity for employees and supervisors to discuss an employee's work responsibilities.
access employee information Service Commission/Task Pages/access new employee information.aspxaccess employee informationEmployees will find information about how the public service operates and managers will find tools to help successfully orient new employees.

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Section-703-Leave of Absence Without Pay - Indefinite Leave of Absence Service Commission/Service Pages/Section-703-Leave of Absence Without Pay Indefinite Leave of Absence.aspxSection-703-Leave of Absence Without Pay - Indefinite Leave of AbsenceInformation for public service employees about taking an indefinite leave of absence without pay.
Payroll Schedules SchedulesThis page provides information on payroll schedules for in-scope and out-of-scope employees.
Section 702: Leaves of Absence without Pay Service Commission/Service Pages/Section-702-Leaves-of-Absence-without-Pay.aspxSection 702: Leaves of Absence without PayInformation for employees about leaves of absence without pay in the public service.
Section 1200: Out-of-Scope Compensation Policies and Programs 1200: Out-of-Scope Compensation Policies and ProgramsPolicies and programs regarding compensation to out-of-scope employees in the public service.
Section 600: Travel and Other Payment Policies 600: Travel and Other Payment PoliciesPolicies related to payment for travel by employees in the public service, as well as payments due estates, direct deposit of salary cheques and requesting supplements for SGEU and CUPE600 for recruitment and retention purposes.
Letters of Offer of OfferThis page provide templates for letters of offer to candidates.


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