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Why you might be receiving an automatic error message using abbreviated dialing.

Have you recently tried dialing a Government number and received an automatic error message that the number is no longer in service or has been disconnected? It's actually not disconnected. Some of your colleagues have been migrated to the new Integrated Business Communications (IBC) phone service and you just need to use 10-digit dialing.

Government's existing Centrex VoIP phones and system are end-of-life and no longer supported by the manufacturer. As a result, Central Services is working in partnership with SaskTel to bring a new phone system to replace the Centrex IP system at no additional cost to ministries.

There are 300 phone lines in government that have already moved to the new IBC phone system. Since IBC and Centrex IP are different services, you will no longer be able to use abbreviated dialing to phone these numbers and will need use the full 10-digit phone number.

Here is a list of the buildings that have already transitioned:

  • Century Plaza – Central Services
  • Hill Tower Two – Justice/Corrections
  • Royal Sask Museum – Parks, Culture and Sport
  • Government House – Lieutenant Governor's Office and Government House
  • Conexus Plaza – Justice/Corrections

There are 5,000 additional phone numbers that will be transitioned throughout this project. You may find it easier to start getting into the habit of 10-digit dialing now, instead of trying to keep up with who has and hasn't moved to the new phone system.

If you have any questions about the IBC telephone project, please contact the Telephone Coordinator in your ministry or agency. Alternatively, there is a sponsor team for your area that is working directly with the IBC project team.