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If you accessed a service on Taskroom this year, provided by the Ministry of Central Services, you may soon receive a five-minute survey about your experience.

Take this opportunity to help us shape your next customer experience, and let us know how we did, by completing the survey.

Over the months of December and January, surveys for each eligible service provided by Central Services will roll out on a staggered basis. Services included in these surveys are listed in the chart below.  You will also find more information in this question and answer document.

If you accessed more than one of these services, you may receive multiple survey invitations. For example, if you rented a CVA pool vehicle and sold items through our disposal program, you will receive a survey for each service. We encourage you to complete each of these surveys, so we know specifically how each of those services are performing.

Your feedback will position Central Services to deliver valued services and expertise, to enable you to fulfil your own commitments to those you serve. As a reminder, you can always share feedback on the services provided by Central Services by emailing  

For any questions or concerns, please contact Gulnaz Emil, Planning, Performance and Policy Consultant, at or 306-787-2576.

Services We're Measuring
Information Technology ServicesCommercial ServicesProperty Services
Information Technology Projects*CVA Pool UsersBuilding Tenant Representatives
Information Technology Users*CVA Fleet UsersBuilding Tenants
Service Level CoordinatorsCVA Vehicle Coordinators
Construction Projects: Sponsors*
Enterprise Drivers
Construction Projects: Clients*
Disposal Program: Buyers
Disposal Program: Sellers
Telecoms Coordinators
Mail Service Users

* Services in italics are issued following a customer transaction, and are ongoing throughout the year.