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Updated July 9, 2021

Following Step 3 of Saskatchewan's Re-Opening Roadmap, the Operations and Service Delivery Division of SaskBuilds and Procurement remains committed to supporting effective building operations and maintenance including how it manages cleaning contracts.

Below are SaskBuilds and Procurement's actions to ensure appropriate cleaning in government-occupied workspaces, both owned and leased: 

  • Janitorial service providers in government owned and leased spaces continue to be held to enhanced cleaning standards including regular disinfection of fixtures and high-touch surfaces. 
  • Where landlord-provided cleaning remains at standard levels, SaskBuilds and Procurement continues to arrange for additional cleaning in common areas to ensure leased buildings are being kept to the same standards as government-owned buildings. 
  • All Building Managers continue to maintain a “rolling supply” of hand soap, towels and hand sanitizer.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting products continue to be available in common high-use areas of buildings (with the exception of the public areas in correctional centres, court facilities and particular locations where the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer is not appropriate). Personal sized hand sanitizer is not supplied to individual office occupants. 
  • SaskBuilds and Procurement’s Building Managers will continue to facilitate deep cleaning, disinfection and fogging, as requested by ministries with costs to be billed back to the client. In addition, specific program areas can reach out to arrange for enhanced cleaning measures for their spaces at an additional cost. 
  • SaskBuilds and Procurement uses the highest quality HVAC filter systems in our current operations, which are all designed, installed, and maintained based on engineering specifications. This includes preventative maintenance of HVAC systems and proper and regular replacement of all filters.

The cleaning contract does not include surface cleaning of individual workstations. Employees are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their desks and desktop equipment. Items that employees are responsible to clean include:

  • surfaces in an employee cubicle or office;  
  • items such as keyboards, computer accessories, phones, photocopiers and printers; and   
  • personal items. 

SaskBuilds and Procurement's Building Managers are responsible for managing all building leases, including day use leases. The Building Manager is the key contact and will assist to make appropriate arrangements, if your program area has information to pass on to landlords such as: 

  • office closures, 
  • building maintenance issues, 
  • janitorial concerns, or 
  • scheduling of services such as day court. 

SaskBuilds and Procurement is also providing the following informational materials to ministries for use in government workspaces: 

Any questions or concerns regarding these services can be directed to your Central Services Building Manager or Tenant Representative.  

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​Contact information

Employees can contact their Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement Building Manager or Tenant Representative with building operations, maintenance or cleaning questions. 


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