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A new phone system is being deployed to replace government's current Centrex IP system. 

Centrex IP, our current phone system, is at end-of-life and is no longer supported by its manufacturer. This provides the opportunity to upgrade to a more modern system with improved service options compared to the outdated phones we currently use. Central Services is working in partnership with SaskTel to bring the new telephone services to Government.

Each ministry has a sponsor team that is working with Central Services to see that their migration goes as smoothly as possible. The new system will be deployed over several months and on a building-by-building basis, so it may be a while before you see the change. 

It is important that all employees are aware of this project to help prepare for the change. Please know that communication will be shared prior to the work being done in your area. 

With the new phone service, abbreviated dialing will no longer work (i.e. 7-1234). You are encouraged to begin using 10-digit dialing now to help prepare for the change. 

Century Plaza (1920 Rose St., Regina) has already received new phones as part of the pilot phase of this project. The project team is confident in the deployment of the service and employees are enjoying the new service overall. 


For additional information about the IBC phone replacement project, including a contact list with the names of your Ministry's sponsor team and the deployment schedule, visit the phone replacement project page.  

Please note the Ministry of Health is not affected by this project.