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Serving you is our business at the Ministry of Central Services. We know your teams depend on us to deliver the supports you need for you to serve your customers. It’s important for us to hear from you about how we’re doing.

This is why you may have received one or more customer satisfaction surveys from us this year, for one of our 13 business lines we surveyed.

We are pleased to hear from you that we've continued to improve customer satisfaction, over the past five years we've surveyed you. Customer feedback we received indicates Central Services achieved an 84.3 per cent overall satisfaction rate in 2019.

This is a 1.7 per cent increase from 2018 numbers and a 15.7 per cent increase from 2015 numbers when this survey first launched.

Of course, we know there is still room to improve and grow. Central Services will use the results of the survey to continue improving the services we provide to you, and to help inform the Ministry's planning.

Click the links below to see the survey results:

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. At Central Services, we care about the calibre of service our clients receive, and strive to provide you with excellent customer service that meets your needs, every time you access one of our services.

If you have any questions about the survey, send them to