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​In 2003, the government of Saskatchewan adopted a French-language Services Policy in recognition of Canada's linguistic duality and of Saskatchewan's Francophone community.

Under this policy, Saskatchewan develops French-language services in priority areas in close consultation with the Francophone community in support of their development and vitality.

This policy applies to the provincial government, its ministries, crown corporations and other agencies.


The Francophone Affairs Branch worked with the Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs and the Government of Saskatchewan's French-language Champions committee to develop guidelines for the French-language Services Policy. The intent of these guidelines is to clarify commitments contained in the French-language Services Policy and to provide a more strategic and coherent approach to the application of the policy across government. These guidelines should be read alongside the Policy.

Guidelines have been developed in the following areas:
  • Terms of Reference for French-language Champions
  • Communications
  • Designation of Bilingual Positions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Active Offer
  • Consultation
These guidelines, as well as the French-language Policy, can be found on the Publication Centre website.

  • Strategic Planning Information (key data on Francophone population)

  • Role of French-language Services Champions
    Each ministry and some Crown corporations and agencies have been asked to designate a representative to act as French-language Services Champion for their organization. Champion will be asked to collaborate with the Francophone Affairs Branch (FAB) in the development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of French-language programs and services. They will also be asked to represent their ministry, Crown corporation and agency on the French-language Services Champions Committee.

    To learn more about the expectations, profile and role of the French-language Services Champion you can find the Terms of Reference section of the guidelines.

    If you wish to be considered for the role of French-language Services Champion for your organization, please contact your DMO or the permanent head of your organization.

  • Communications
    The Guideline on Communications and Information is meant to clarify when French should be used in communications and correspondence by ministries, Crown corporations and agencies.

    Translation services from French to English and from English to French are available free of charge to all ministries, crown corporations and agencies. Click here for more information on how to request translation services.

    The following is a list of documents, web pages and forms that have been translates by the Francophone Affairs Branch as examples of what type of content could be considered for translation by your organizations:
Web Pages:
  • Active Offer
    The Francophone Affairs Branch has developed tools that can be used when implementing an active offer of French-language services, whether they are online, over the phone or in person.

    The Fab is also available to advise champions in terms of the most relevant way to implement or reinforce the active offer concept in each ministry, Crown corporation and agency if needed.

    More information on the active offer concept as well as promotional items that are available upon request can be found in Appendix 1 of the guidelines.

    Please contact the FAB if you wish to order any of these items.
  • Consultation
    Communications Services, Executive Council now provides a central advisory and support function for public consultation and engagement, research, client satisfaction, and stakeholder engagement projects.

    As part of the project brief you will need to have approved for all engagement activities, you are asked to consider Francophones in the audiences impacted by the issue, and to include, if warranted, their perspective. 

    In order this facilitate this process the Francophone Affairs Branch (FAB) of Parks, Culture and Sport has developed a Consultation Guideline as part of the French-language Services Policy. It includes clear expectations and the roles that the Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs, the French-language Champions and the FAB can play to help you engage with Francophone organizations and the Fransaskois population. You will also find a complete list of the provincial and regional Francophone organizations in the province as Appendix 2 of the guidelines.

Recommendations from Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs

The Committee works with representatives from different Francophone communities and provincial ministries, to provide advice to the government and assist with the implementation of Saskatchewan's French-Language Services Policy to provide better access to services in French. The development of guidelines to assist in the implementation of the French-language Services Policy was a recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs.

This chart lists all of the recommendations that have been made by the Advisory Committee on Francophone Affairs:
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Priorities of the Francophone community

Below you will find links towards documents and information regarding the vision, mission and mandates of provincial Francophone organizations. The majority of this information is available only in French. If you have questions regarding any of this information you can contact the organization directly or you can contact the Francophone Affairs Branch.

Francophone Affairs Branch

​Francophone Affairs Branch

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