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Beat Old Man Winter and his treacherous road conditions with winter tires! Enterprise is making it easier than ever to acquire winter tires for your short-term Enterprise rental vehicle. You can now book winter tires online through your Enterprise portal.

How do I book winter tires online?

The Enterprise Booking Guide will guide you through how to book a vehicle online. On the Enterprise booking site, all vehicles eligible for online winter tires booking will mention "with Winter Tires" in the title. If your Ministry's administrative support does not know who your vehicle coordinator is, contact Kristen Franks at 306‐612‐0035. 

  • Winter tires are available from October 1 to April 30, and cost $12 per day.
  • This feature is currently only available for "intermediate" class vehicles. Specialty vehicles (trucks, SUVs, etc.) will still require a phone call to an Enterprise Service Location to reserve winter tires. Intermediate class vehicles are generally mid-size sedans (i.e. Volkswagen Jetta or a Nissan Sentra).
  • You will need to book your vehicle online 24 hours in advance of pick up. 

What is different?

After booking an eligible vehicle online, you will no longer need to call an Enterprise Service Location to reserve winter tires. Specialty vehicles will still need to call for winter tires after completing the online booking process. Check out the Short-term Vehicle Rentals service page for more information and resources on how to book a vehicle.

The Benefits of Winter Tires

Winter driving conditions can be treacherous and unpredictable. Winter tires are a valuable tool to prevent disaster, through:

  • Braking 25 per cent earlier than standard all-season tires on cold, ice and snow-covered roads;
  • Staying flexible in cold temperatures to ensure grip and braking on wet roads; and,
  • Maximizing handling and stability.

Source: Why make the switch to winter tires?

A brief trip through the city might not require winter tires, but should be considered for longer trips, highway driving, and northern routes. Safe travels!