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To make Taskroom more user-friendly, we are adding some new features to help you make the best use of the site. Users will now see blue instruction images on the main Taskroom pages: homepage; how do I landing page; and the document centre.

Did you know Taskroom has two search functions?

The "How do I?" yellow search bar will bring results for common work tasks and services (i.e. how to find employee benefit information or get IT support).

The green "Search this site" bar searches the entire site contents, including forms and documents. Use this search function if you know the name of a particular document or form (i.e. "IT security policy" or "Employee's guide to workplans").

The new help image shown below will assist users when determining which search to use.

"How do I?" search results assistance

Taskroom now provides two types of search results when using the "How do I" search box. Task-related search results appear with a green header and service results appear with a yellow header. This allows users to choose between general tasks and specific services related to their search.

  • Task-related search results will appear with a green header. Task search results will bring you a task page, a high level overview of all the services related to your task. For example, the "Get IT support" task page will link you to pages regarding IT service requests, IT projects, IT security, and digitizing government services.
  • Specific service-related search results will appear with a yellow header. These results will take you directly to a service page that will walk you through accessing an employee services (i.e. how to submit a timecard or book a government vehicle).

The new help image shown below will service as a reminder of the difference between task search results and service search results. 

Navigating the document library

There are a lot of documents in the document library! Using the filters will help to streamline your search.

The "Document Service Area" drop down filter will sort documents by service categories. For example, selecting "transportation" will bring up all the documents related to government vehicles.

The "Document Type" drop down filter will sort documents by type (i.e. forms, guides, policies). If you are looking for a certain policy, selecting the "policy" option will select all policies within the document library.

The new image shown below will help you use filters to narrow your document search.

Further help

For a more in-depth help guide, please visit the Taskroom Help and Site Navigation Guide.

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve the site, please contact us at

If you are having difficulty resetting your PSC Client, Learn, or Government of Saskatchewan account, please visit the Taskroom Password Reset Help Guide