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Integrated Business Communications (IBC) is a communications system with improved features and functionality to support employees' daily business needs and operations beyond just making and receiving calls.

The following are some of the more popular features which are included in the IBC Standard Package for one monthly price.  
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling to Canada and the U.S.
  • A personalized conference number that can accommodate dozens of participants in an audio conference call
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Call Me Anywhere – Receive calls on your desk phone, desktop client or mobile device
  • Calling Name and Number Delivery – Know who is calling
  • Call Forwarding

To learn more about IBC, click on the links below to access helpful videos and other related IBC guides/help posters.

You can learn about how to use these and other features by watching the IBC user tutorial video on the SaskTel website.
  • Various call forwarding options 
  • Quick dial programming 
  • Personal conference line 
  • IBC directory of users
  • Soft Client application (an online version of your desk phone)
  • Click-to-dial from Soft Client
  • Busy lamp (phone status monitoring)

A full list of features can be found in the IBC Feature Guide on the  SaskTel website

There are three services with a whole host of features available to you with the Integrated Business Communications (IBC) phone system. Please reference the below quick start guides for more information about each service.  

  • IBC phone set: To learn more about the new IBC Cisco phone set, please reference the IBC phone set Quick Start Guide. You can also reference the Cisco website for models 8841 or 8851 or the SaskTel website for additional IBC support materials including a user guide for the Cisco 8800 series phones

  • IBC Soft Client desktop application: To learn more about how to use the computer phone application (Soft Client), please reference the IBC Soft Client Application Quick Start Guide. You can also reference the SaskTel website for additional IBC support materials including a detailed IBC Soft Client User Guide

  • IBC user portal: To learn more about how to manage your personal preferences and settings, please reference the IBC user portal legend. You can also reference the SaskTel website for additional IBC support materials.

  • IBC Audio Conference Calling: With IBC, you can initiate a conference call with as few as 3-6 participants or as many as 254 participants. To learn how to set up and use your personalized IBC audio conference bridge, please reference SaskTel's  IBC Audio Conferencing Guide. To avoid using conference bridge capacity for a smaller conference call, you can 3-6 way call directly from your phone set or Soft Client application
    Please note a single IBC conference call cannot exceed 387 participants. Government currently has access to 500 IBC conference ports meaning no more than 500 people can be participating in conference calls at the same time. We will continue to monitor usage to ensure adequate capacity.

IBC Help Posters

To get familiar with some of the changes and functionality with the new IBC phone system please reference the series of IBC help posters

Additional support resources can also be found in the related documents section at the bottom of this page.

Contact Information 

For telephone support, please contact your Telephone CoordinatorThey are the first level of support in administering the IBC phone system on behalf of their organization and for contacting the SaskTel Business First Support Team for troubleshooting telephone issues.

Password Assistance

How to Set Up Your IBC Password
Your IBC username is your 10-digit phone number followed by (i.e.

Once you receive an IBC desk phone, a temporary password will be emailed to you. Please log into and change your account password after receiving the temporary password.  

Forgotten password?
If you need to change or have forgotten your IBC password, please contact the Telephone Coordinator for your area. Only telephone coordinators can change or reset your IBC password.

IBC Tutorial Videos

Series of tutorial videos have been created to allow users with on-demand access to information about the phone set, IBC soft client, IBC user portal, audio conferencing and system changes. Videos can be viewed here.

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