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New software and IT services are coming your way thanks to the Information Technology Division of Central Services.

These new tools make your job easier and more efficient. Look forward to streamlined IT support requests, faster computer operating systems, cloud-based software and much more!

To keep you in the loop, the new Learn about current IT initiatives task page will be your information hub as these multi-year initiatives roll out across Government. Future IT initiatives will also be posted to this page giving users a one-stop place to learn more about IT services being introduced.  

To learn more about these ongoing IT initiatives, use the links below to jump to the content:  

Windows 10


Windows 10 is coming to Government over the next two years. The new operating systems makes computers run faster, with improved security and stability. Some benefits to look forward to include:

  • Modern interface;
  • Office 2016;
  • Internet Explorer 11;
  • Enhanced taskbar;
  • Faster search capabilities; and,
  • Improved readiness for future upgrades.


For more information visit the Windows 10 service page.


No more wrestling with complicated Excel forms or Service Catalogues. With the ServiceNow tool, requesting IT support is streamlined, intuitive, and easy. The ServiceNow tool will be rolled out across Government over the next year. 

You can look forward to:



  • Requesting IT services by adding them to your online shopping cart;
  • Finding information about IT requests you have submitted through online self-service, phone or email;
  • Viewing a list of license for software you have requested; and
  • IT approvers being able to approve requests within the tool. 



For timelines, information, and help guides, check out the ServiceNow service page

Office 365


Office 365 is coming soon to a computer near you. This cloud-based software suite provides applications that will assist you to provide faster, high-quality service to your clients. Office 365 will bring you secure messaging, new collaboration tools, and a modern desktop, including:

  • New software tools that make collaboration easier;
  • Increased security, providing better protection for sensitive documents;
  • Increased mailbox size, enabling large file sharing without the need for an outside application; and,
  • Eliminates the need to upgrade technology frequently, saving time and financial resources. 

 Stayed tuned to the Office 365 Overview service page for updates.