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‚ÄčA new process in PSC Client allows employees to self-declare as a member of a diversity group. Employees can now voluntary self-declare as a member in the following diversity groups: women, Aboriginal, persons with a disability and/or visible minority.

The new self-declaration process allows employees to self-declare as a member of a diversity group at any point in their employment. Self-declaration is confidential and will not be shared unless employee consent is provided.

Why self-declare?

  • Employees who self-declare can consent to be contacted for training, development and employment opportunities, as well as for input and feedback on their experience in the workplace as an employee in a diversity category.
  • This information will be used by thinclusion journey. In 2017, the Government of Saskatchewan launched the Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan to improve recruitment, retention and development of employees in equity groups and build a workplace culture that is e Government of Saskatchewan to develop diversity and inclusion programming to attract, develop and engage individuals from diversity backgrounds.
  • This helps government increase the accuracy of diversity information to identify gaps in representation and enhance statistical data.

This is another step in the government's diversity and open and welcomes diversity. The Disability Employment Action Plan was implemented in 2015 to improve the employment of person experiencing disabilities. Implementing the new self-declaration process is another way we are working to create a diverse public service and inclusive workplace.

How to self-declare in PSC Client

  1. Log into PSC Client. If you have not yet registered for PSC Client, go to PSC Client to register.
  2. Click on the 'My Employee Profile' box.
  3. Click on 'Self-Declaration' on the left hand menu.
  4. On the Self-declaration page, review the introduction and click on the 'Self-Declaration Definitions' for information of the diversity groups.
  5. Check the diversity groups you self-declare as a member of. You can select all that apply to you.
  6. Complete the 'Consent to Contact' section.