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​The Government of Saskatchewan is in the process of implementing Microsoft Office 365 to create a new connected digital workplace where government employees securely work, collaborate and communicate from any device, anywhere, anytime. 

About Office 365

  • Files are stored in the cloud so you can access email, documents, contacts and calendar on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – as long as you have an internet connection.
  • A new collaboration space will connect you and your colleagues in one central location, where you work together to edit files in real time, at the same time, seeing comments and changes as they happen.
  • You and your team control your team environment. You will have the ability to instantly share or remove access to your environment and to individual files or folders without having to create a service request for an IT professional to do it for you.
  • Microsoft automatically updates your software, so you can be confident your information is always synced and secure, and that you have the most up-to-date platform available.


Microsoft has set a clear path to move all customers onto the Microsoft Office 365 platform. As a result, implementation of other Office 365 components (including SharePoint Online) is a question of when and how it will happen, and not “if” it should happen.

The first step in the Microsoft Office 365 journey was completed in 2018, with the transition of email to the Exchange Online platform.

  • Microsoft Teams was implemented in April 2020 to meet increased video conferencing needs as many government employees moved to work remotely due to the impact of COVID-19.
  • The implementation of OneDrive is expected to wrap up in early 2021.
  • Planning is underway for further implementations through 2022, including:
    • SharePoint Online — moving to the cloud, offering intranet and team collaboration sites that you can access from any device, anywhere.
    • Other products such as Office Pro Plus, InTune and Yammer.

SaskBuilds and Procurement is taking a phased approach to introducing new software, because we don’t want to change your entire work world in a day. We want this change to be as smooth as possible and as positive an experience as possible for you. We will work with ministries on the timing of implementations in the months and years ahead.

For information on Office 365 software in place, or in the process of implementation, click the icons below.

Our goal is to provide you with innovative new software that enhances workplace and personal productivity, and give you control over the tools and features you choose to use that help you be more effective at your job. And, we want you to be well-informed and ready to use any new software on the day of implementation and beyond.

Multi-factor authentication prompts you to submit a code that has been sent to one of your devices, confirming your identity for greater security of yours and government's data. 

You will need to register for multi-factor authentication if you have not done it already, and you intend to use Office 365 software (such as OneDrive, Exchange Email Online Teams and SharePoint Online) on any of the following:

  • a personal mobile device app or browser;
  • a government mobile device app or browser;
  • a government device not connected to the government network; or
  • a non-government device.

You may have already registered for multi-factor authentication when Exchange Online launched in your ministry. If not, you can follow these instructions to register for multi-factor authentication.

If you have any questions please contact the IT Service Desk at 306-787-5000*, or email
*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 

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