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OneDrive Overview

OneDrive is being  implemented across government in a phased approach.

OneDrive will be your new individual working drive, replacing the H: Drive, with the added benefit that your files are saved in the cloud so you can get to it from anywhere you have an internet connection, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. 

​Any time, any place,
any device

All you need is an internet connection to access OneDrive

​Convenient and
simple to use

Share files instantly, without having to email or save to a USB

Desktop features,
wherever you are 

Open and edit files on the go from any device using OneDrive and Office apps

​Version control

Automatically view earlier saved versions of a file – no need to save multiple versions with updated dates or names

​Collaborate easier

Edit with colleagues in  real-time, at the same time, seeing changes as they happen


Microsoft automatically updates your software, so you can be confident your information is always secure 


Quick start guide based on your work style

To help you more easily find information about OneDrive you need to do your job, we've organized information specific to the work style you most typically use.

There are six distinct work styles to choose from. These work styles consider factors like how often one works in their main space versus on the go; how often one works in tandem with others versus independently; how often one uses technology to complete their work; and how much of one's work is ad hoc versus routine tasks or long-term projects.

Ready to get started? Check out the work styles page and find which resonates most with you, to get a quick snapshot of how OneDrive can work best for you.


​Trusted Resourses


​In the Field





All how to videos and user guides


What is OneDrive?

Get started with OneDrive

OneDrive basics

Setup your iPhone or iPad

Setup your Android phone or tablet

Use the OneDrive mobile app

User guides

​Accessing OneDrive

Files and Folders Basics

Collaborating and Sharing

​​Working Remotely

Document Syncing

All OneDrive How Tos

Multifactor Authentication Enrollment


OneDrive Implementation Information

The Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement will roll out OneDrive ministry by ministry (instead of all at once across government), so each ministry will receive dedicated support during the implementation.

We want you to be well-informed and ready to use OneDrive on the day of implmentation and beyond. To get started, please follow the OneDrive First-Time Set Up Instructions.

Prompted to enter a code?

Multi-factor authentication prompts you to submit a code that has been sent to one of your devices, confirming your identity for greater security of yours and government's data. 

You will need to register for multi-factor authentication if you have not done it already, and you intend to use Office 365 software (such as OneDrive and Exchange Email Online) on any of the following:

  • a personal mobile device app or browser;
  • a government mobile device app or browser;
  • a government device not connected to the government network; or
  • a non-government device.

You may have already registered for multi-factor authentication when Exchange Online launched in your ministry. If not, you can follow these instructions to register for multi-factor authentication.

Change Champion Program

SaskBuilds and Procurement has established a Change Champion Program to ensure ministries are involved in implementation planning early on to provide important feedback on how OneDrive may impact you and your ministry.

Implementation Schedule
OneDrive Ministry Contacts

For more information, contact:
IT Service Desk at 306-787-5000* or

*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 

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