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About Collecting Funds via Credit or Debit

This is a service for Ministries to use when there is a requirement to collect payments from people via credit/debit card, and it is not an in-person transaction where the card is present.  This is called 'Card Not Present'.  The service is available via applications using an online interaction with payees, or via a 'Virtual Terminal' for payments over the phone.   If a Ministry has identified a requirement to collect online or phone payments (card-not-present) via credit or debit, this document will indicate what the next steps should be.

Types of Payments

There are two types of payments:

  • Card Present:  This is where the consumer physically is present to show their debit or credit card, and are able to swipe, tap, or insert their card into a point of sale device.
  • Card Not Present:  This is where the consumer is not in person, but provides the card number and a few other details to allow a payment to be made.  For the Government of Saskatchewan, this means online or by phone.

It is important to understand whether you require Card Present services or Card Not Present, or a combination, as the Government of Saskatchewan has agreements with different service providers for each of these payment types.  For Card Present, you will be working with Moneris, and for Card Not Present, you will be working with Paysafe. The Ministry's first point of contact is their ITD Account Executive to help explain your Ministry requirements and assist your Ministry in determining next steps. 

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or require more information, please contact:

ITD Account Executive

Dean Bates
Century Plaza, 1920 Rose Street, Regina
Business hours are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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