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There are a variety of situations in which you may need to procure a good (supplies). As a government employee, there are specific rules and regulations surrounding what can be procured, how the procurement process will go and who is authorized to procure the good. This is all part of accountability to the people of Saskatchewan and ensuring open, fair and transparent procurement. 

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If you are looking to procure services, see the Procurement of Services page.

What is a good?

Goods, or supplies, are defined by The Purchasing Act, 2004 as “all goods, wares and merchandise that are required by a public agency or public institution for the transaction of its business and affairs and includes food, chemicals, petroleum and other processed products, furnishings, fixtures, equipment, appliances and stationery. This does not include supplies designated in the regulations as being included in a contract for construction or a contract for other services”. This also includes rentals and leases of goods.

Standing offers

SaskBuilds establishes standing offer agreements with suppliers for recurring goods over a period of time at a predetermined price or a discount off a price.   If the goods required are available on a standing offer agreement, they should be obtained through the supplier indicated.  Ministries are responsible for keeping documentation of any procurements made through a standing offer and for ensuring that payments are made in accordance with the standing offer details (pricing, etc.). Be sure to ensure all internal ministry authority levels for procurement are respected. 

Standing offers are established for goods such as office supplies, electrical supplies, uniforms for use at correctional facilities, etc.  For a full list of standing offers, visit   

Where the goods required are not available on a standing offer, the following guidelines must be followed:

Purchases up to $2,500 

It is recommended that three quotes be obtained and documented. Be sure to follow your ministry’s/government entity’s internal approval structure for procurement.  The audit trail is the responsibility of the ministry or public entity.  It is recommended, by SaskBuilds, that the quote information be kept attached to the payment file.  Note:  Any procurement is subject to audit.

Purchases between $2,500 and $10,000 

Three (3) quotes must be obtained and documented. Ministries should not procure goods that are provided by other government organizations, i.e. computers provided by ITD.  In cases where you cannot get three quotes, you, as the purchaser, are required to document the reasons why the quotes were not obtained.  The audit trail is the responsibility of the ministry or public entity.  It is recommended, by SaskBuilds, that the quote information be kept attached to the payment file.  Note:  Any procurement is subject to audit.

Purchases over $10,000

Purchases over $10,000, which are not covered by a standing offer, must be procured through SaskBuilds, Single Procurement Service.  In order to procure through SaskBuilds, you need to submit a requisition in Midas detailing the requirements for the product, see the Requisition Checklist.   All procurements of more than $10,000 will be tendered by Single Procurement Service and appear on the SaskTenders website.

Legislation and Trade Agreements

Ministries and many public agencies (but generally not Crown corporations) are subject to The Purchasing Act, 2004 and The Purchasing Regulations.  See the Financial Administration Manual, Section #4505 Purchases of Goods which outlines the policy and procedures.

All ministries, Crown corporations, and MASH (municipalities, academic institutions, school boards and health sector) organizations are subject to the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA). Ministries are also subject to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), as well as the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) and the Canada-US Agreement on Government Procurement (CUSPA). 

If you have any questions about what rules and regulations your organization is subject to, please contact Procurement Services at 306-787-6871*.
*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 


  • Please remember, for purchases more than $10,000 through Procurement Services, the procurement process generally takes a minimum of three weeks and can be up to several months, depending on the complexity of the procurement. 
  • Splitting a purchase to avoid a competitive tender process is prohibited. 
  • Prior to any type of procurement, on behalf of government, you should ensure that you have the appropriate authority to procure and are following any internal procedures established.
  • Any procurement is subject to audit. 

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Contact Information

If you have any questions or require more information please contact:

Single Procurement Services

Phone 306-787-6871

1855 Victoria Avenue, Regina
Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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