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Section 701: Leave of Absence - Other Reasons

Date Issued: 12/02/2001

Revision Date: 26/06/2019


A leave with pay is intended to be used in exceptional circumstances, where the leave is considered to be a direct benefit to the employer and in the public interest or a contractual obligation.


All employees appointed under The Public Service Act, 1998. This policy does not apply to employees who are on a definite or indefinite leave of absence. The following are examples of situations where an employee shall/may be granted a leave with pay:

Leave for Interviews with the EmployerMandatory
OH&S Required TrainingMandatory
Leave For DutiesMandatory
Medical Donor LeaveMandatory
Interpersonal Violence and Sexual ViolenceMandatory
Jury Duty or Subpoenaed to be a WitnessMandatory
To Act as a Staffing Panel Representative – SGEU onlyMandatory
Military LeaveDiscretionary
Education LeaveDiscretionary
Union Leave – in-scope staff onlyAs per collective agreement
For Examinations – CUPE onlySee Appendix A
Other ReasonsSee Appendix A


See Appendix A for definitions and guidelines for the above-noted situations.


An employee's pay and benefits are not impacted when granted a leave of absence with pay.

Ministries are to ensure that all supporting documentation is maintained in the employee's personnel file for audit purposes.

Employers should ensure that appropriate leave codes are used when recording attendance to monitor usage.

If a leave with pay is not approved, other types of leave may be considered such as leave without pay, vacation leave, etc.


The Public Service Regulations, 1999, Part 5, Sections 71, 74, 76(1) and 81

PS/GE Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 18.1.2

PS/CUPE Local 600-3 Union Management Agreement, Article 21.07

The Saskatchewan Employment Act, Part II

Resources and Tools


•  Leave of Absence Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

•  Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Violence Leave - Questions and Answers

Policy Inquiries

For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre

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Section 701-1: In-Scope Employees Vacation Leave Provisions

Date issued: 01/09/1986
Date Revised: 01/04/2009


To outline procedures for receiving vacation leave credit for previous eligible service and the authority for payout of vacation leave.

Vacation Leave Credit

Employees will be granted credit for eligible service as outlined in the SGEU and CUPE 600 Collective Bargaining Agreements.
Note:  Requests for recognition of previous eligible service for vacation purposes:  The employee is responsible to inform the employer, and to provide proof, of any previous service that may affect their vacation.
The Public Service Commission will receive and review enquiries regarding additional vacation leave credit for eligible service.  If additional vacation leave credit is approved:
1. For employees with previous Executive Government of Saskatchewan service, vacation leave credit for this time will be provided retroactive to the latest commencement of employment.
2. For employees with eligible service with other employers, vacation leave credit for this time, will be provided from the current vacation year forward, only.
Note:  When provided additional vacation leave credit, as a result of previous service, employees who receive vacation pay as a percentage of their total earnings shall have their vacation pay recalculated at the appropriate percentage from the first day of the pay period following the date on which they become eligible for the higher vacation rate.

Carryover Provisions

In accordance with the carryover provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Payout of Vacation

Permanent Heads or designates may authorize an employee's request for payout of vacation leave carried over from the previous fiscal year at any time.


All unionized employees in the SGEU and CUPE 600 Bargaining Units appointed under The Public Service Act


SGEU Article 16
CUPE Local 600, Article 18


For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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Section 701-2: Sick Leave During Vacation

Date issued: 01/09/1986
Date Revised: 03/09/1996


To outline the application of sick leave credits during periods of vacation leave.


On request of the employee, vacation leave will (with supporting medical evidence) be converted to sick leave when an employee on vacation is hospitalized for two or more days.
In exceptional circumstances, where an employee is incapacitated due to serious illness or injury (although not hospitalized), an employee may request, and the employer may approve conversion of vacation leave to sick leave.  Such requests must be supported by medical evidence, regarding the degree of incapacitation.
Sick leave may be granted only with the consent of the Permanent Head or designate.
Note: Employees who are members of CUPE 600 are governed by article 17.15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement; members of SGEU are governed by article


Maintained by Departments


All employees appointed under the Public Service Act


Public Service Regulations, 1999 Part 5


For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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Section 701-6: Use of Sick Leave (Maternity)

Date issued: 28/02/1994


To outline use of sick leave in relation to maternity leave. 


Any pregnant employee who has a medically substantiated need to be absent from work for health reasons related to the pregnancy, either before, on, or after the date of delivery, shall be allowed to access earned sick leave credits. Departments should request a medical certificate in all cases.


All employees appointed under the Public Service Act.


Public Service Commission memorandum to Human Resource Branch Directors dated November 26,1993.


For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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