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 Variable Hours, Out of Scope Variable Hours

Date Issued: 16/06/1986
Revision Date: 01/10/2013


To allow permanent out-of-scope employees to voluntarily reduce their hours of work for personal needs and interests.


This policy applies to permanent out-of-scope employees.  Employees on initial probation may be eligible.


The policy allows permanent employees to voluntarily reduce their hours of work for their position to a minimum of 50% of the regular full-time hours. Employees and their managers must mutually agree on the reduced hours of work.


Employee's permanent head or designate must approve the reduced hours of work arrangements.


For core principles of application of the reduced hours of work for MCP undefined hours of work and office employees (36 hours/week), including SDO or EDO eligibility, extra hours, overtime rates, and timecard coding, refer to Appendix A – Application of Reduced Hours of Work.


Approval Period
The approval period provides a reduced rate of pay corresponding to an agreed to reduction of full-time days/hours.

There may be circumstances where the approved pattern of days off may be adjusted. With agreement of your manager, time can be taken at an alternative time within the approval period or paid as extra hours (EX).

The approval period is inclusive of time worked and time not worked (extended leave) during the period.

All reduced hours of work must commence or be modified on the first day of the month and conclude on the last day of the month. 
The approval period must be a minimum of three (3) months to a maximum of twelve (12) months and is subject to renewal.

Extended Leave
An extended period of time where the employee is not working but is receiving salary on a pro-rated basis (i.e. income averaging). Any extended leave must fall at the end of the approval period. This arrangement provides pay equally distributed during the entire approval period (e.g., work January-November with the month of December off, the approval period would be January-December).

Extra Hours
Hours worked to the normal full-time daily hours but in excess of the reduced hours arrangement.

Mandatory Reconciliation
At the conclusion of the approval period, a reconciliation of hours will be conducted by the manager and the employee, detailed in Appendix B – Mandatory Reconciliation.

Working Hours
Include paid vacation, sick leave and Scheduled Days Off, but do not include Designated Holidays.

Proration of Salary, Benefits and Designated Holidays

Employee's salary (including temporary salary supplements, if applicable) is prorated based on time worked. Employee's benefits are adjusted as detailed in Appendix C – Conditions of Employment.

Reporting Requirements

All hours not worked must be recorded as HNW (Hours Not Worked) on the timecard. Hours worked are not required to be recorded with the exception of extra hours worked. All other time off must be detailed (SDO, VL, LWOP). Extra hours worked must be recorded as EX.

Tools and Resources

Table 1 "Number of Working Hours Per Month" that provides the number of working hours per month (excluding Designated Holidays) and hours per weekday by month.

Calculation Examples - the document includes six examples of calculations (three for MCP undefined hours of work employees and three for MCP office employees).

Reduced Hours of Work Arrangements Application Form must be completed prior to commencing reduced hours of work.


For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.


The Health Information Protection Act, Parts II, III, IV, and V
The Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act, Parts II, III and IV
The Public Service Act, 1998; The Public Service Regulations, 1999

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