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Section 809: Communicable Diseases

Date Issued: 19/05/1988
Revision Date: 15/04/2005


To provide direction for both management and employees concerning work related situations that may develop due to contact with a communicable disease.


Communicable Disease 
Any disease that can be transmitted from one person to another person.

Regional Medical Health Authority


When the employer becomes aware that an employee has contracted a communicable disease which poses a risk to the health of other employees or clients, the employer will introduce measures to minimize the health risk to others. The employer will do everything reasonable and practical to assist the afflicted employee.

The employer shall ensure that employees follow appropriate precautionary measures to reduce the potential risk of transmittal.


The employer will be informed by the Medical Health Officer within the geographic region of an employee who has contracted a communicable disease and poses a risk within a work unit. The Medical Health Officer will be requested to provide the employer with written recommendations concerning protective measures which can be implemented. Such measures may include:

  • Modifications to the employee's work assignment
  • Modifications to the employee's work environment
  • Leave of absence for the employee
  • Introduction of precautionary measures and/or procedures for fellow employees in the same or related work environment

The employer will advise an employee of sick benefits available and other benefit information which may be of assistance.

An employee who contracts a communicable disease, and so advises management, shall be directed to obtain a medical report from his/her physician. The medical report should state whether the employee can still perform the assigned duties and recommend protective measures that may be adopted by the employer.

An employee with a communicable disease will be restricted from work only upon notification from the Medical Health Officer.

Employees who believe they are at risk within a work area may raise their concerns in accordance with the provisions of The Occupational Health and Safety Act.

All medical information and the names of employees afflicted by a communicable disease shall be treated in a confidential manner and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Employee Wellness And Emergency Preparedness 

The Government of Saskatchewan offers a voluntary flu-shot vaccination program each year in advance of the peak flu season. 
Saskatchewan Health and Saskatchewan Corrections and Public Safety lead emergency planning process for the Government of Saskatchewan, including contingency plans for possible pandemic situations. 


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