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​Section 812: Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

Date issued: 01/10/1996
Revision date: 06/04/2016


The Government of Saskatchewan recognizes that smoking in the workplace conflicts with the employer's responsibility to provide a healthy work environment. This policy supports a healthy and safe work environment by prohibiting smoking in Executive government workplaces.


Holding or controlling a cigarette, cigar, pipe or any smoking device (e.g., electronic cigarette) that is burning or heating any tobacco or non-tobacco substance and as a result produces gases, vapours, particles or other emissions.

All or any part of a building, structure, vehicle and/or equipment owned, or leased by Executive government to provide programs and services by Executive government.


Smoking is not permitted at any time in any:

  • Executive government workplace; or
  • Outdoor area within three meters of a doorway, window or air-intake of an Executive government workplace.


Aboriginal spiritual or cultural practices or ceremonies
Exceptions to this policy may be granted as needed to accommodate traditional Aboriginal spiritual or cultural practices or ceremonies for which smoking or burning tobacco or other related products (e.g., sage, cedar, sweetgrass or other herbs and plants) is an integral part, when such activities have been approved to take place in the workplace.

The permanent head or designate will establish local procedures for approving workplaces and granting exceptions to accommodate traditional Aboriginal spiritual or cultural practices or ceremonies.

Special-care and personal care homes
Exceptions to this policy may be granted locally to permit residents and their visitors to smoke tobacco in separate enclosed ventilated places located in special-care and personal care homes operated by Executive government, as per The Tobacco Control Act and regulations.

Assistance for Quitting Smoking

Various supports may be available via extended health care plan benefits and the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

Disciplinary Action

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal.


The Tobacco Control Act and regulations
The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020
Municipal Bylaws may apply to areas where Executive government workplaces are located (when provisions differ among multiple authorities the more restrictive provision prevails).


For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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