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The HR manual is a one-stop location for HR policies, guidelines, and forms. The Manual contains a wide variety of information including onboarding a new employee, job classifications for both SGEU, CUPE and Out-of-Scope jobs, and appropriate uses of information technology assets such as computers and laptops.

If you need help with locating something or require information on a topic that the manual does not touch on, please reach out to the Human Resource Service Centre, at, or 306-798-0000.

​HR Manual Subject Index

Section 200: User's Guide and Glossary

This section contains general information about the Manual, including who it applies to and how it's organized.

Section 400: Staffing

This section guides the ministries and agencies of the government in regards to the use of secondments in a normal business climate, and ensures the accessibility to temporary job assignments whenever possible.

Section 500: Classification

This section outlines the information a manager would need to properly classify or re-classify a job. In this section there are the definitions about classifications, and the revised standards and new systems for classifications.

Section 600: Travel and Other Payment Policies

This section is related to the payment for travel by employees in the public service, as well as payments due estates, direct deposit of salary cheques and requesting supplements for SGEU and CUPE600 for recruitment and retention purposes 

Section 700: Employee Benefits

This section details the various benefits that an employee can apply for, such as leaves of absence, compensation, various information technology expenses and relocation expenses. This section also outlines the job sharing agreement between SGEU employees, Transferring Pension Through a Portability Agreement, Extreme Weather Attendance Guidelines and Deferred Salary Leave Plan.

Section 800: Employee Relations

This section outlines what to do when various employee relations situations arise, and also various workplace guidelines that will help managers make a positive and healthy work environment.

Section 900: Staff Development

This section outlines staff development initiatives for public service employees such as tuition and book allowances, education leave and employee orientation.

Section 1000: Employment Equity

This section outlines initiatives that managers can use to improve the representation of Aboriginal people, people with physical/mental disabilities, members of visible minority groups, women in management and non traditional occupations in the public service.

Section 1100s: Information Technology

This section guides employees through the Human Resource System (HRS) and Employee Data Base (EDB). You can access the Information Security Policies through this section.

Section 1200: Out-of-Scope Compensation Policies and Programs

This section outlines the various compensation policies for out-of-scope employees, such as the carry-over and payout provisions, phased-In retirement guidelines and the flexible benefit account program.

HR Manual Keyword Index

 ​If you need to find a certain keyword within the HR Manual, this alphabetical list will help you find certain commonly searched keywords.

Guidelines for Student Placement Contracts (unpaid)

This the guide to hiring unpaid students in the public service. It covers indemnification, confidentiality, and insurance for the unpaid student employee.

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