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This page is a one-stop guide to hiring a new employee.  From identifying competency requirements to doing reference checks, this page will guide you through the entire process, start to finish.

Letters of Offer Templates can be found within the Offer and Appoint service page.

For assistance navigating Taleo, please refer to Taleo Instructions.

For job advertisement language and competencies for Middle Manager vacancies, please refer to Middle Manager Excellence.

Staffing Process Roadmap

Please reference this document for additional support during the staffing process.

Initiate Staffing

This page outlines some of the things you need to consider and plan for, before proceeding with staffing, and the process you need to follow to get a competition posted. 

Screen Applications

This page details the initial phase used to determine which applicants will be invited to further participate in the assessment process.

Assess Candidates

This page provides guidance on how to prepare selection material and to complete the assessment process.

Offer and Appoint

This page details the considerations and requirements of offering a position to a successful candidate.

New Employee Forms

New employees are required to fill out several start-up and benefit forms online at the time of starting. Find the information you need here.

Position Management

Position management processes are required for establishing new positions, changing headcounts on positions, eliminating positions, reactivating positions and changing HR Org on positions.

Hire a Student

This page is a one-stop guide to hiring a student employee. 

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