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The Premier has released the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan to guide our province as Saskatchewan residents and our provincial economy begin to emerge from isolation. For Government of Saskatchewan employees, it is up to senior leaders and managers to use caution when considering the return of employees who have been working from home to the workplace.

The Re-Open Saskatchewan plan states that individuals should continue working from home if they can do so effectively.

Safety is the top priority for employees and citizens. Employees will return when Public Health authorities say it is safe, in a way that is safe to do so. Citizen service is a key consideration in determining if and when employees return to the workplace.

Guidelines and Checklists

As the province moves through each phase of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan, managers should use the guide and considerations to re-assess the services they provide and determine if/when employees should return to the workplace.

A number of safety procedures and guidelines must be in place in order to return employees to the workplace. Employees and managers must understand and comply with all safety requirements.

The ministry must assess each workplace and determine the necessary procedures using the safety resources below.

The following guidelines will help determine if and when employees return to the workplace.



Refer to for the most up-to-date information from the province and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

​Contact Information

Employees can contact their managers with questions.

Managers can contact their Human Resource Business Partner.

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