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Since launching Taskroom, we have been busy looking for ways to improve the site and its functionality. We have focused initial efforts on how to improve the search functions for the website. You can help us make further enhancements by signing up for one of our user testing sessions

Changes to the "How Do I?" search box

Currently users have the opportunity to search for common work tasks through the yellow "How Do I?" search box and the most relevant tasks related to the search will appear. Going forward users will also be given a list of services related to the search term entered. Related tasks appear with a green title bar and related services appear with a yellow title bar. We anticipate this should help users get to specific service information quicker.


Searching Taskroom

Currently there are two ways users can search Taskroom. 

"How Do I?" search box
The "How Do I?" search box allows users to search for common work related activities such as starting the hiring process or making arrangements for a new employee. The task page results allow users to find all the different services and activities associated with this task in a single place. Task pages use a green title bar. The service page results allow users to find all the specific services associated with their search. Service pages use a yellow title bar.

General site search box
The general site search box allows the user to search the entire Taskroom collection of pages and documents. This can be helpful if a user is looking for a very specific document or information page. 

We are also looking into additional options to improve the search function that allows search to be more responsive to user patterns and alternate search terms. If you have any suggestions related to how we can improve your experience using Taskroom, or any general feedback, please email us at

Searching the Documents Centre

We have also made some modifications to the Document Centre that should help users in their search for documents. In addition to the general search box for the Document Centre, users have the opportunity to filter the documents based on the column options. In addition to filtering by Document Type (i.e. form, guide, policy, etc.) users can now narrow their search using the Document Service Area filter allowing them to narrow the documents displayed based on the type of service (i.e. HR, transportation, IT, etc.). 

 We trust that these changes, along with future enhancements, will help the site be even more valuable for users.