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SharePoint Overview 

SharePoint Online is another step on the journey to transition government to the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 service. This follows government’s launches of cloud-based Outlook email, Teams and most recently OneDrive. 

SharePoint Online offers intranet and team collaboration sites that you can access from any device, anywhere — including from a mobile device. Just like OneDrive, you can collaborate with colleagues on documents in real time. You can also share access with external users. 

Microsoft automatically updates your software, so you can be confident your information is always secure. 

​Intranet and team sites

Access news, information and files for your ministry and team on intranet and team sites.

Access anywhere

All you need is an internet connection to access SharePoint Online. 

Mobile friendly

Access your sites conveniently and intuitively from any mobile device, by installing the app or using a browser.

​Collaborate easier

Edit files with colleagues at the same time, seeing changes as they happen. 

Version control 

Automatically view earlier saved versions of a file without saving multiple copies.

​Enhanced search 

Easily find what you’re looking for, using the enhanced site search. 

​Approval workflows 

Create and use workflows to help you approve things like files or vacation leave.

​External users

Invite users outside of government to collaborate within a SharePoint site.

Site Migration and Creation 

The move to SharePoint Online is focused on bringing existing and new SharePoint sites to the cloud for ministry branches based on readiness and demand. This means it won’t always happen ministry by ministry. 

The transition of sites will not include migration of the G:\ drive (or common “group” drive), however you can use SharePoint Online to collaborate on documents. Self-migration of your team’s files is also an option. If your team is interested, please reach out to Elissa Henderson at or 306-787-3212 for questions and to discuss the options available to you. 

Contacts in your ministry called Change Champions will work with branches in your ministry to coordinate any site migration or creation work they wish to do. Your team will likely hear from your ministry’s Change Champion(s) in the coming months with information or next steps about this work. Reach out to your Change Champion(s) if you haven’t heard about SharePoint Online for your branch and would like to discuss having a new site created. 

Work to transition to SharePoint Online began in February 2021 with a pilot in the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.  

  • The next rollouts of SharePoint Online will start: 
  • New transition dates for ministries and branches will be added regularly to the SharePoint Online schedule document.  

Getting Started As a Site User 

User Guides 

Prompted to Enter a Code? 
Multi-factor authentication prompts you to submit a code that has been sent to one of your devices, confirming your identity for greater security of your data and government data.  

You will need to register for multi-factor authentication if you have not done it already, and you intend to use Office 365 software (such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams and Exchange Email Online) on any of the following: 
  • a personal mobile device app or browser; 
  • a government mobile device app or browser; 
  • a government device not connected to the government network; or 
  • a non-government device. 
You may have already registered for multi-factor authentication when Exchange Online launched in your ministry. If not, you can follow theseinstructions to register for multi-factor authentication
User Training 
Microsoft videos and guides are available for users to get the most out of SharePoint Online: 
Classroom training for users through MicroAge is also available at a cost to your ministry: 
  • Cost: $395 per person, billed back to the ministry
  • Length: One full day
  • To register: Contact Jay Bagan at or 306-787-0896

Getting Started as a Site Administrator 

User Guides 


Administrator Training 
Microsoft videos and guides are available for administrators to get the most out of SharePoint Online: 
Classroom training for administrators through MicroAge is also available at a cost to your ministry: 
  • Cost: $395 per person, billed back to the ministry
  • Length: One full day
  • To register: Contact Jay Bagan at or 306-787-0896

Change Champion Program 

The Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement has established a Change Champion Program to ensure ministries are involved in implementation planning early on to provide important feedback on how SharePoint Online may impact you and your ministry. 

Implementation Schedule 

SharePoint Ministry Contacts 

For more information, contact: 
IT Service Desk at 306-787-5000 or

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