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​Primary responsibilities and functions include:

  • Solution Design and Implementation Oversight
  • Strategy Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Vendor Relations
  • Architectural Standards – control, develop, and maintain
  • Business Service Oversight
  • Data Management Services

Primary customers and partners include:

  • Minister’s Office
  • Deputy Ministers Office (DM) and Exec Committee
  • Chief Information Officer
  • ITD Executive Committee
  • Government Ministries and Agencies
  • ITD Branches
  • Vendors
  • Public and Private IT Sector Groups and Committees
  • Crowns, Boards and Agencies

Primary Responsibilities of TS team member:

  • Meet with the customer and understand business problem/opportunity & how they fit within the GoS’s enterprise needs.
  • Analysis of the technology environment i.e., how specific technology can be used to solve a given business problem? What is the current state of enterprise and technology architecture? What can be improved? What are the business' requirements? What are the constraints and possibilities/opportunities of the project?
  • Development of the solution’s proof of concept
  • Work closely with Subject Matter Experts and consider all aspects within the business that can contribute in creation of proposed new solution.  
  • Participation in the selection of the technology stack, frameworks, platforms and the tools
  • Figuring out the pros and cons of using third-party frameworks and platforms in particular cases.
  • Evaluating impact to GoS from a strategic, architecture, legal, cost and security perspectives
  • Assisting project management in solution development.
  • Responsible for analysis, design, development, implementation & testing of all software on affected applications & alternative software solutions.
  • Lead design workshops.
  • Provide support for technical team during testing, design related defects and scalability of the solution.
  • Attend all status meetings and assist with technical documentation.
  • Assist the business system analyst in defining technical/design/environment requirements.

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