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If you are already a subscriber to Financial Administration Manual (FAM) updates, that's great! If not, you can be! It's easy. When you are on the FAM website, just scroll down, click the 'Subscribe' box and follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email. 

As a FAM subscriber, you will be notified by email when there has been an update to FAM. From the email notification, you can link to a page that describes the latest FAM updates and from the update page you can link to the sections that have been changed.

FAM communicates Treasury Board policies and Provincial Comptroller directives for the control and management of government financial resources. FAM covers a wide range of financial management topics, such as approving or processing payments, providing government grants, making travel claims, rules for business expenses, board and committee member remuneration, and using purchase cards for making payments. FAM also contains general information about the Government to assist users in understanding the governance environment within which these policies and directives apply.

Treasury Board policies and Provincial Comptroller directives are made pursuant to The Financial Administration Act, 1993, which is the principal authority for financial management and administration for executive government. FAM users are primarily in executive government; however, as certain policies have a wider application, users would also include public agencies.

FAM can be accessed in a number of ways, for example under on the Government website; under 'Quick Links' on Staffroom; via Taskroom; and through the Publications Centre.

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