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Updated February 24, 2022

As we transition to living with COVID-19, there are some things employees should know about their information technology tools and returning to the workplace.

Wireless Networks in the Workplace

Employees should connect to government's network from government workplaces using a wired network connection as much as possible, especially when at their own desks.

This will help ensure wireless network capacity is available to employees who need it, when they need it. A wired connection also provides you with the best experience possible when you access IT tools, like videoconferencing software.

Wireless Adaptors

Some employees with a desktop computer may have purchased a wireless adaptor to access wi-fi while working from home. To avoid unnecessary use of wi-fi, employees are asked to unplug these adaptors once they have reconnected their computer to the government network using a wired connection. If you have a wireless adaptor you no longer need, please speak with your manager or supervisor to determine what to do with it. 

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​Contact information

Employees can contact the IT Service Desk with technology and network access questions by calling 306‑787‑5000. If employees need to request anything new like equipment or service, they should submit an IT Service Request

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