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Anyone who has been around government for a while knows that ministries, programs and citizens’ needs are always changing. Your office space requirements are changing all the time, too. To help you manage right-sizing, renovating or changing your space, each ministry has a designated tenant representative to help you through it.

What does my tenant representative do? Your tenant representative is your liaison between your ministry and Central Services, the ministry that manages most Government of Saskatchewan buildings. Your tenant representative handles all space-related requests on your behalf.

When do I contact my tenant representative? Do you need more space? Are you consolidating a program and need to give up some space? Do you need to do some renovations to your current space? Your tenant representative can help you with all of these things. They will work directly with Central Services on your behalf to ensure your request is handled efficiently and professionally. Central Services will provide project management and estimating, facility planning, lease negotiation and various other services.

Who is my ministry tenant representative? Each ministry has one or more designated tenant representatives. To find out who that is, ask your administrative support team or check this contact list.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Building Management page here on Taskroom, or call Candice St Onge, Senior Planning Manager with the Ministry of Central Services, at 306-787-2275.