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Translation services from French to English and from English to French are available free of charge to all ministries, crown corporations and agencies.

Please refer to the Translation Service Guidelines for more information.

To find out more about translation services see below:

How to submit a document for translation

Translation requests are required to be submitted through FLOW (online translation management software) at this address:

If you do not already have a username and password, please contact to arrange for access.

When should I consider translating a document?

The following are questions that you can ask yourself before submitting a request for translation:

  1. Is this in response to a request from citizens for French-language services? (i.e., request for a trial in French, funding request in French, correspondence)
  2. Is the information intended for citizens and will it directly contribute to the offer of services in French (i.e., forms, guides, fact sheets, specific information on government programs and services)
  3. Was the information previously translated and this is an updated version?
  4. Does it support French-language target audiences or stakeholders? (i.e. Immersion/Francophone schools, Francophone daycares, etc.)
  5. Does it fall into the priorities of the Francophone community? (health, education, justice, seniors, etc.)

Things to consider when submitting a Translation Request

Preferred Format
Microsoft Office documents are the preferred format.  Other formats are accepted, however translation completion may take longer. Ensure that all text requiring translation is accessible in PowerPoint presentations and advise if speaking notes require translation as well.  If you only have a hard copy of your document, please have it scanned and attach it in FLOW. 

Ensure your document is final and approved. Francophone Affairs Branch (FAB) will accept draft documents with an indication of when the final version will be available.  Please use FLOW to send revisions of documents currently being translated and indicate what changes have been made.

Additional Information and deadlines
Please include details and deadlines in FLOW for FAB to understand the context of the document and to help establish priority.

Reference materials
Please provide reference material such as previous translations, source documents, original correspondence, name of contact person, relevant websites, etc.

Are you making changes to an existing document?
If you are requesting changes to a document previously translated or currently being translated, please identify the changes by clearly indicating through either an electronic tracking function, by highlighting the new and deleted text or by faxing a hard copy with changes marked manually. If FAB is required to review the document to identify the changes, translation completion will take longer.

‚ÄčIf you have any questions or require more information please contact:

Francophone Affairs Branch


Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

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