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May 26, 2020

 Working from home requires individuals and their managers to work in a different way, communicate closely, and connect regularly. The following guidelines provide support to employees working from home.

Managing in a Virtual Workplace - New

Our work environment has changed quickly due to COVID-19 and as a manager you have an important role to provide leadership, support and direction to your employees. It is important to keep connected to your employees as much as possible. The following resources will help managers manage and lead employees with a focus on managing in the virtual workplace. 

General Guidelines for Working from Home

  • Managers who have employees working from home should maintain regular contact with employees to ensure the work from home arrangement is effective.

  • Employees working from home must adhere to the terms and conditions of employment, relevant collective bargaining agreements, legislation, regulations and policies.

  • Employee working from home should be available to their managers, teams and clients during regular working hours.

  • No in-person contact with clients/stakeholders should occur while working from home.

  • Work from home must be in a designated space, appropriate to the nature of the work, and meet occupational health and safety requirements.

  • Employees working from home must ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect confidential information (Clean Desk Security Policy, Workstation Checklist).

  • Employees working from home should use equipment and supplies provided by the employer in accordance with the Government of Saskatchewan's Information Technology Acceptable Usage Policy (PS 1103).


Contact information

Employees can contact their managers with HR questions.

Managers can contact their Human Resource Business Partner with HR questions.

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