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A new phone system is being deployed to replace government's Centrex IP (VoIP)/Centrex  system.

The transition will take place over the next several months. Check out the IBC Deployment Schedule for more details.

The Centrex IP (VoIP) service must be replaced because it is at end-of-life and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Where required legacy Centrex lines are also being converted to IBC.

Your ministry is being consulted with to ensure a smooth transition. The IBC Project Team or your internal ministry sponsor team are available to answer any questions about the project.  

Learn more about the IBC phone project by using the links below to jump to the corresponding content:

Need help using your new IBC phone? Visit the IBC phone system page.

Benefits of the new IBC system 

Enjoy the following once you have converted to the new IBC system:

  • The IBC system is easy to use and provides standard telephone functions in addition to improved business tools.  
  • Unlimited Canada and U.S. long distance are included in the monthly service fee for IBC. 
  • Users can access a personal conference number as part of the IBC service.  
  • The IBC package includes voicemail. The service offers the option to have combined voicemail and convert voicemail to text at no extra cost (previously these features came at an additional expense).  
  • IBC offers a Soft Client desktop application that allows users to make and receive calls through their computer using the number assigned to their landline.  
  • IBC offers an online portal where users can enable and manage their personal phone settings.

More about the phone replacement project

Courthouse and fax lines are not included as a part of the project and will remain on Centrex service.

A PowerPoint deck and speaking notes are available in the event managers want to discuss the phone replacement project with their employees in advance of their formal deployments. The PowerPoint PDF contains the presentation slides followed by a set of speaking points for each slide. You are also welcome to contact the IBC project team or your internal ministry sponsor team if you have further questions. 

The difference between Centrex IP and Centrex 

Centrex IP phones are the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones that use the IT data network to make phone calls using the internet. Centrex phones are wired over the copper telephone lines and have limited functionality compared to the VoIP phone systems. All the Centrex IP phones in government were migrated through phase one of the phone replacement project. Phase two of the phone replacement project, beginning in the spring of 2020, will migrate the remaining Centrex lines in government to IBC.

Contact Information 

For telephone support, please contact your Telephone Coordinator

If you have any questions or issues about the IBC phone project, please contact

IBC user training

Series of training videos have been created to allow users with on-demand access to information about the phone set, IBC soft client, IBC user portal, audio conferencing and system changes. Videos can be viewed here.

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