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There are a number of things you will need to do to help coordinate the departure of an employee.  

End of employment and retirement forms

This page will provide you with information on what forms needs to be completed before and after an end of employment.

IT service request

Employees will need to have their network access removed and IT equipment returned. All this can be done by submitting a service request form to the IT division of Central Services.

Card Access 

Some office locations may require an employee to have card access to their workspace – these cards need to be returned when no longer needed. Learn more about card access services.

Photo ID 

Some employees may require government of Saskatchewan photo ID to gain access to different government buildings – photo ID needs to be returned when no longer needed. Learn more about photo ID services.


You will want to ensure departing employees' information is removed from the government directory. You may also need to cancel their telephone account(s).

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End of employment and retirement forms; IT service request; Card Access; Photo ID; Telecommunications; Directory