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We've made a number of enhancements to the Taskroom website, to increase functionality and improve your experience as a user.

These enhancements are in response to user feedback.

  • Improved search functionality – An improved search tool allows users to more easily find what they are looking for, and see results that are more relevant to their search.
  • Print styles for webpages – This allows for easier printing of content directly from webpages.
  • Addition of a site map – Traditional site navigation was added to make information even easier to find. Having a site map expands current search options to make the site more versatile.
  • Reorganization of the homepage – Changes were made to the homepage to reorganize the information to be more relevant to users.
  • Document analytics – The collection of documents available on Taskroom can be better managed, as the Taskroom team can now see information about which forms, guides and other documents are accessed.
  • Prioritization of documents – The most useful and relevant documents are now listed first on a page making them more accessible and prominent for users.

We hope you enjoy using the newly enhanced Taskroom website!

If you have any questions related to these enhancements, or any general feedback, please email us at