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Employee work planning provides an opportunity for employees and supervisors to discuss an employee's work responsibilities.

It engages employees, and helps you understand how your work fits into the larger work of the ministry and of government.

Work planning occurs in three phases:

  1. A work plan is created after initial planning is done through a conversation with a manager or supervisor.
  2. Conversations occur throughout the year, with the expectation of a mid-year check-in to provide an opportunity to realign/adjust work if necessary.
  3. Year-end discussion to review progress and achievement of objectives and prepare for the next year's planning process.

Find out more about work planning below:

In-Scope Work Planning

All in-scope employees are expected to have a work plan.

The work plan process includes setting your own achievable work and learning objectives that align with Government direction. Work planning also clarifies what is expected of you and helps in setting and prioritizing projects and objectives.

A Work Planning and Review Form should be completed with the help of your manager or supervisor.

To further help in the work planning process, see the Employee's Guide to Developing Work Plans.

A Supervisor's Guide for Planning, Development, and Review Conversations may also help supervisors through work planning.

For more information on how competencies fit in with in-scope work planning.

For more information on competencies for Middle Managers and work planning, please refer to Middle Manager Excellence.

Out-of-Scope Work Planning (Planning for Success)

Planning for Success is the work planning process for out-of-scope employees.

It is a strategic tool that helps develop and sustain an effective organization by aligning individual performance goals with organizational performance goals.

An Individual Performance Plan - Planning for Success form (Ministries) should be completed with the help of your manager or supervisor.

For help in the work planning process, see the Planning for Success Guide. Leadership and Management Competencies may also be used to help complete a performance plan.

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