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The Corporate Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for employees and managers to create relationships and focus on career and professional development.

Mentoring in the workplace provides a number of key benefits to the employees involved, as well as the organization as a whole. It involves a trust relationship in which the mentor invests time and effort to enhance the mentee’s growth by sharing knowledge, experience and perspectives.

Mentoring also provides the opportunity for mentors to enhance their own leadership skills and contribute to the development of the next  generation of leaders.

You can learn more about the corporate mentorship program below:

How to Apply

Employees at all levels of Government are invited to participate in the Corporate Mentorship Program as mentees. 

All out-of-scope employees and in-scope employees level 10 and above are welcome to become mentors, with approval from immediate supervisors.

To apply, discuss the Mentorship Program Expectations with your immediate supervisor, receive approval on the Mentorship Approval Form and begin filling out your Mentorship Action Plan. These forms will be used to populate your Matching Profile

The Corporate Mentorship Program has two intake and launch dates throughout the year. There is an intake in June, for which you can apply to participate between March and May. The June intake matches will run from June to February.

The second intake is in September, for which you can apply to participate between June and July. The September intake matches will run from September to April.

Matching Profile

The Mentorship Program is supported by the government-run Matching Website. Matches are made by hand and are on information provided in your profile, so please be sure to fill it out completely.

To register for the Mentorship Program, you will create an account on the Matching Website and upload your Mentorship Approval Form and Mentorship Action Plan to your profile. To learn more about the important steps in setting up a new profile or to update your existing profile within the Mentorship Matching Webiste, please refer to the Mentorship Website Guide

If you are interested in requesting a partnership with an employee from a diversity group or who is a youth (i.e. under 30), please indicate your request in the “Tell us about yourself” section in the online profile.

If there is someone specific you’d like to mentor or be mentored by, please initiate the self-directed match by contacting the Program Coordinator.

Mentorship Program Expectations

While the Mentorship Program is beneficial for both the mentor and mentee, the program is primarily driven by the mentee and is based on their goals and objectives.

Expectations for each role are explained in the Mentorship Program Expectations and should be reviewed before a Mentorship Approval Form is submitted.

Throughout the eight-month relationship, mentors and mentees require a minimum commitment of two hours per month. It is recommended that the mentor and mentee commit to a monthly session (face-to-face, phone call, video conference, Skype, etc.) and commit to preparing in advance for the mentoring session.

​Contact Information:

Mentorship Program Coordinator
Public Service Commission

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