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If you or your workplace is experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), administered by TELUS Health (formally LifeWorks), provides 24-hour voluntary and confidential personal health and wellbeing support that is short term and goal focused for Executive Government employees and their eligible family members. 

EFAP and EAP terms are used interchangeably in program resources, both refer to the same program and include supports for employees and eligible family members. 

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EFAP Services

All EFAP services adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality regulations, and the EFAP provider does not notify anyone if you have accessed the program. There is no cost or waiting period before employees and eligible family members can access EFAP services. For more information on eligibility, confidentiality, and EFAP services, please refer to:

Counselling Services

Short-term and goal-focused counselling can be accessed by calling the Care Access Centre at 1-844-880-9142. Callers have the option to request same-day service or to book an appointment.

Foundational questions and short assessments may be used to best understand the life circumstances that clients are facing and to define a counselling goal. Where alternate or long-term support is needed, the EFAP Community Referral Team will help the employee to explore employer provided workplace benefitscommunity mental health resources, and provincial healthcare resources.


Appointments are typically available within five business days of intake and are scheduled based on the client's needs. The EFAP will do its best to accommodate preferences for modality including in-person, telephone, or video call. Return calls can be arranged at the client's discretion and often appear as a "private" or "unknown" caller.

Client/Counsellor Matches

The client/counsellor relationship is important and it is helpful to keep an open mind during your session. However, if you feel that there is a mismatch after your first session, please call the Care Access Centre at 1-844-880-9142 to discuss a referral to an alternate counsellor.

For more information on counselling services, see the EFAP Key Messages and Questions and Answers.

Online Resources

The TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) website and app provide online access to self-help articles, videos, podcasts, assessments, and self-directed and self-paced programs intended to improve personal health and wellbeing. The app, TELUS Health One is free to download from app stores. The website's chat function is intended for personal support, or intake and referral to professional services.

Employees can log into the website or app using the generic username and password:

username: gos

password: efap

Once logged in, employees have the option to create a confidential personal account including an individual and unique username and password. A personal account allows you to save completed well-being assessments for future reference and allows a user the ability to participate in the CareNow self-directed well-being programs. 

Virtual services adhere to the same privacy and confidentiality procedures as phone and in-person services do. 

For more information on the online resources visit the Questions and Answers document on Taskroom and watch the orientation video here.

EFAP Services for Managers/Supervisors

Managers/Supervisors have access to confidential clinical advice and guidance to help navigate sensitive employee and workplace situations. The PSC Human Resource Business Partner Teams continue to be supervisor/manager’s main contact regarding relevant workplace policies and procedures (e.g., substance use or performance concerns).

When an employee is experiencing a decline in their mental health, or has a concern with EFAP services they may reach out to their manager or supervisor for help. These can be difficult conversations. The following tools are available to guide a manager in creating a safe space to navigate the discussion: 

Fee-for-Service Add-ons

On-site Counsellor Support

There are times when the EFAP will suggest onsite support from an EFAP counsellor (i.e., following a workplace critical incident such as an employee/client death, attempted suicide or serious injury; threat to safety; natural disaster; layoffs; etc.) 

Onsite counselling services are fee-for-service at a rate of $250/hour. The counsellor may be on-site for one to four hours, sometimes longer, to meet workplace needs.

Workplace Learning Sessions

To explore available options or to arrange a session, please visit the EFAP provider's learning page or contact them by email at Any fees incurred for workplace learning sessions are charged to the requesting ministry. 

Providing Feedback on Your Experience

Complaint Resolution Process

If an employee wishes to discuss a personal EFAP experience, a confidential EFAP Concern Resolution Process is in place to do so. Following the EFAP provider's investigation into the employee’s concern, the employee can opt in or out of a follow up discussion with the EFAP provider.

Supervisors/managers should make employees aware of the process and direct employees to this formal process, as needed. Review the Conversation Guide for Managers: Employee Concerns with the EFAP to help provide a supportive conversation to an employee with an EFAP concern. 

Questions or Assistance with the Concern Resolution Process

If you have a question or an experience to share regarding EFAP services, you can contact the Government of Saskatchewan EFAP management team's confidential email at or voicemail at 306-787-7567. The team can provide assistance with the EFAP Concern Resolution Process

Contact Information

To access the EFAP:

  • Call toll free 1-844-880-9142.

  • Log into the EFAP provider's website or app, TELUS Health One, using the username: gos and password: efap.

If you have a question or an experience to share regarding EFAP services, please refer to the EFAP Concern Resolution process.

In case of emergency, contact 9-1-1.

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