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The Saskatchewan public service has a number of employee networks in place to assist all employees with learning more about the workplace, growing their careers, and building connections to enable success.

These networks offer employees an opportunity to meet and discuss experiences and ideas with like-minded individuals.

Follow the links below to find more about each employee network.

Disability Support Network (DSN)

The mission of the Disability Support Network (DSN) is to recognize and support the unique needs of employees with a disability.  DSN exists for Government of Saskatchewan employees with disabilities to assist them in reaching their career potential by meeting their need for information, networking, support and by assisting the Government of Saskatchewan in creating an inclusive workplace for all employees. DSN is open to all employees interested in learning about disabilities and creating an inclusive workplace.

The DSN values:

  • Equality;
  • Workplace diversity;
  • Self-empowerment;
  • Group decision-making;
  • Peer support;
  • Open information sharing; and
  • An inclusive and supportive work environment.   
To be a network open to all persons with and without disabilities employed by the Government of Saskatchewan, and to provide networking, support and education about disabilities to all employees in Executive Government and strengthen their attachment to the public service through creating educational and networking opportunities and an inclusive workplace.  

If you have any questions about DSN or would like to join this network in events or membership, please email


Engaging and Developing Government Employees, or EDGE, is a network that has been created to provide leadership and development opportunities for young employees in the Saskatchewan public service.

If you are interested in joining this employee network, please go to the EDGE Network page for more information.

Pride Alliance Network

The Pride Alliance Network strives to help build an LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people plus all other gender and sexually diverse persons and their allies) inclusive and respectful work environment by empowering, educating, and engaging employees within the Government of Saskatchewan.

Our goals:

  • Empower LGBT+ employees to build a culture of inclusion through the sharing of knowledge and experiences through networking and learning opportunities.
  • Encourage LGBT+ allies to associate with the network and support its goals.
  • Educate Government of Saskatchewan employees about LGBT+ issues to build a culture of inclusion and create a welcome environment for all employees and clients.
  • Review Government of Saskatchewan policies, procedures, communications, programs and other initiatives to ensure they are LGBT+ inclusive for employees and clients.
  • Engage and partner with other organizations to build a culture of inclusion within the Government of Saskatchewan and the broader community.

The Pride Alliance Network Network is open to any Government of Saskatchewan employee who self-identifies as LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender plus all other gender and sexually diverse persons) and/or as an ally.

If you are interested in receiving future updates regarding this network, please email  All communication with the Pride Alliance Network is private and confidential.

Saskatchewan Visible Minority Employees' Association (SVMEA)

The Saskatchewan Visible Minority Employee Association is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities in employment of Visible Minorities working for the Government of Saskatchewan.
Vision: The Government of Saskatchewan is a diverse and inclusive workplace where all visible minorities are recognized within the public service.
Mission: Support professional development and career advancement opportunities for visible minorities throughout the Government of Saskatchewan.  


  • To provide a forum for visible minority employees to network and exchange ideas;
  • To support the career advancement of visible minority employees through learning and development opportunities;
  • To provide advice to senior leaders on opportunities for increasing visible minority employee engagement and inclusiveness in the workplace; and
  • To provide information, education and awareness sessions on visible minority cultures and customs to interested members of the Saskatchewan Public Service.

If you have any questions about SVMEA events or membership, please email

If you are interested in joining this employee network, please fill out the SVMEA Membership Application Form.

​Contact Information:

If you have any questions or require more information please contact:


Disability Support Network:




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