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Learning and Development is a key part of growing and engaging a high performing Public Service. The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to providing employees with learning and development opportunities to grow in current and future roles. These opportunities could include new employees learning ins and outs of government, current supervisors wanting to improve their supervisory/managerial skills, aspiring managers looking to develop skills that will help them advance, or senior leaders enhancing their media relations skills.

Available training can be found through the My Learning App in PSC Client (watch this short video to get started using the My Learning App). It is through this system that you can register for all government training. It also has many e-learning courses available for employees to take at the convenience of their desk. We encourage you to check out the opportunities currently available and to come back often for information on new programs as they become available.

Learning Catalogue is also available two times a year (September and January).  This catalogue lists all corporate training opportunities available to all employees.  The catalogue includes course descriptions, dates, costs and links to register for the training.

To find out more about learning opportunities see below:

Corporate Learning and Development

Learning and development is an important part of professional development and is available to all executive government employees. There are lots of online e-Learning opportunities available to all employees, as well as many other options which are listed below. All of these can be found in our Learning Catalog, or through the online My Learning App in PSC Client.

New Employee Orientation is available to all employees new to the Government of Saskatchewan.  This series of online e-Learning modules will provide insight into some of the overarching principles that influence public service employees. 

Respect in the Workplace is a mandatory online training course that helps create a healthy and inclusive workplace for all employees; improve employee recruitment and retention; and improve service to our clients and citizens. 

Aboriginal Awareness Training this mandatory training is available through your ministry. It offers information on appropriate terminology, demographics and socioeconomic issues, treaty negotiations, Metis history and current issues, the Indian Act, Truth and Reconciliation, Aboriginal Rights and Indigenous law.

Parliamentary Program for Public Service provides a firsthand opportunity to observe the workings of government, to speak to individuals serving the Legislative Assembly, and to participate in question and answer discussions with members of the Legislative Assembly and the speaker.

Expedition Coaching workshop is designed to equip managers, supervisors and employees with examples, models and skills to coach people at all levels through the everyday challenges and opportunities faced in today's changing environment.

Communication for High Performance workshop explores how people communicate and the positive impact that understanding how you communicate can have on performance and communication within teams and with the public.

Policy Training Program partners with Johnson Shoyama Graduate School (JSGS) to provide Executive and Policy Training programs. The Policy Workshop Series is aimed at policy employees who would benefit from greater skill development in areas related to policy development and those responsible for policy program development and delivery. Workshops address topics such as evaluation, policy analysis, preparing briefing notes and comparative analysis. The Fall 2022 JSGS Policy Workshop Brochure and Registration and Information Guide are now available and registration opens on June 8, 2022, at 1:00 p.m.

Supervisor and Manager Development

New Manager Orientation is available to all new managers in the Government of Saskatchewan.  This series of online e-Learning modules will provide will highlight the importance and principle responsibilities of the manager's role in the public service.

Effective Supervision workshop is for Supervisors and Managers to learn ways to motivate employees, delegate effectively and manage multiple priorities.

Strategic and Systems Thinking course engages mangers or high level supervisors by exploring the challenges in operationalizing government, ministry and division strategic planning while thinking about risk and managing your day-to-day responsibilities such as staff needs is a significant task.

Developing High Performing teams takes a practical look at current leadership practices that work. Your success as a manager can often depend on how well your team operates. How are their problem-solving skills? Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best? Do they work well together? This course will help develop your team.

Managing Change course tackles the complications of navigating change through effective communication, as well as recognizing and addressing emotional responses.

Supervisor Development Program provides supervisors with a developmental opportunity to develop the skills and competencies required in their current roles. The program is a comprehensive learning path aimed at closing knowledge/skills gaps identified for SGEU in-scope competencies for supervisors.

Manager Development Program develops the skills and competencies needed to lead high performing teams. The program is a comprehensive learning path aimed at closing identified learning gaps in leadership and management competencies for middle managers.

Managing the Employee Lifecycle this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) walks the manager or supervisors through onboarding and probation, work and learning plans, meetings and coaching, as well as recognizing and rewarding talent.

Senior Leadership Development

Senior Executive Orientation is for new Executive Directors, Assistance Deputy Ministers and Deputy Ministers.  This training provides an overview of government structure, strategic direction, functions and central support services.

Leading Change Simulation is a practical workshop that explores the critical importance of leading change effectively. Through these simulation exercises, participants will learn best-practices for leading change effectively; increase understanding on how to lead people/teams through change; and gain specific skills, knowledge, and tools for leading change in the workplace.

Advanced Personal Leadership: Leadership with Impact simulation showcases how an organization can move to achieve operational excellence.  Over a fiscal year, the three organizational levels (executive, middle management, workers) all work together to optimize the flow of information, materials, money, and decisions to achieve success. Those who prioritize operational excellence and continuously improve it over time build resilience and a powerful competitive advantage.

Leadership Development Program (LDP) is offered through the University of Saskatchewan. It is a highly interactive and experiential program that teaches participants the proven leadership practices and skills they need to know to achieve their leadership potential. The program focuses on key leadership practices that improve performance, understanding leadership, and modelling the way to lead effectively and with influence.

Enhancing Management Talent Program enhances the effectiveness of high-potential managers in the current roles and strengthens the core competencies required for more senior management roles.

Executive Education Program develops the knowledge, practical skills and strategies required to be successful in leading the public service to excellence and innovation in citizen-centered service delivery.  The program provides learning opportunities that will give executives a solid grounding in the leadership and management skills they need to thrive in demanding, fast-paced environments.

Links for Agencies, Boards and Commissions

Refer to the External Links to Courses For ABCs document for external links to the corporate courses for agencies without access to PSC Client. 

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