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The Government of Saskatchewan provides opportunities for postsecondary education students requiring practicum placements to complete their education through unpaid work placements in the public service. These students are not appointed as employees and are not on the government payroll, so certain terms and conditions of their employment need to be addressed in the work placement contract. The following items should be included in contracts or agreements facilitating unpaid student placements:

1. An indemnification clause that states that the department does not take financial responsibility for an injury, loss, damage, etc as a direct or indirect result of the performance by the student.

2. A confidentiality and privacy statement that stipulates the student's obligation to maintain confidences as they may become privy to confidential information during their placement.

3. Insurance provisions, as not all educational institutions have historically been covered under the Exceeding Workers Compensation coverage agreement with the Department of Learning (i.e. First Nations University and the University of Saskatchewan).

The following template provided a framework for ministries entering into work placement contracts with post-secondary institutions, including the minimum legal requirements, while allowing the flexibility to deal with situational specifics.

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