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Section-1001-Employment Equity

Date issued: 28/02/1994
Revision date: 01/08/2000


To improve representation of Aboriginal people, people with physical/ mental disabilities, members of visible minority groups, women in management and non traditional occupations in the public service.


The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to an employment system which provides equality of opportunity and which leads to equality of results for individuals from the designated groups.

Despite laws to ensure that all people are treated equally, discrimination and disadvantage exist in Canadian society. Traditionally, some groups of people have faced barriers to employment. These people have been denied full participation in the labour force for reasons unrelated to ability.

Workplace Diversity 

Workplace Diversity means taking positive steps to ensure all people are represented at all levels in the work force. It is a strategy designed to eliminate barriers faced by the designated groups.


There are three goals of the Government of Saskatchewan's Workplace Diversity Program:

  • To eliminate employment barriers caused by discrimination and disadvantage;
  • To remedy the past effects of, and prevent future, discrimination and disadvantage; and
  • To create a workplace that reflects the equitable distribution of designated groups in the labour market.

Designated Groups

Women in management and non-traditional occupations, Aboriginal people (Indian, Metis and Inuit), persons with physical/mental disabilities, and members of visible minority groups are designated groups because they are not employed in the same proportions in which they are available in the working age population (ages 15-64).

Systemic Barriers

Policies and practices which have resulted in an under-representation of individuals from the targeted groups, and have had a discriminatory impact.

Non Traditional

Includes those occupational groupings and classifications in which women are represented at a level of less than 45%. Typically these positions include management, skilled trades and technical positions.


The Sask Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has approved three plans applicable to:

  • Out-of-scope employees (1987)
  • SGEU employees (1988)
  • CUPE employees (1989)


   For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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Section 1002-1: Workplace Diversity Staffing

Date issued: 28/02/1994
Revision date: 01/08/2000


A priority for staffing in the public service shall occur for candidates from the designated groups in filling in-service permanent full and part-time, and term (SGEU), permanent and non-permanent (CUPE) and out-of-scope positions.


Employment Equity staffing is defined as the staffing of positions designated for qualified members from the designated groups. All levels of positions shall be considered and may be utilized for Employment Equity staffing. The department shall provide notification to the Joint EE Committee co-chairs in the department where an EE staffing action is taking place.

Positions Posted Solely for Designated Group Members
Positions may be advertised solely for members from the designated groups. Only designated group members can be considered for such positions. All diversity candidates must self identify in writing that they are a member of a designated group when applying. The order of selection for SGEU positions shall be:

  • first: senior qualified in-service designated group candidate;
  • second: qualified out-of-service designated group candidate;

Positions which are restricted to a specific designated group must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. There is a need to increase the proportional representation of a particular designated group in the workplace in a specific geographic area as identified by the department's yearly objectives or results; or
  1. There is a need to represent one of the designated groups, as an employee of a particular agency; or
  1. There is a demonstrated need for the position to serve a client group, which is predominantly made up of members of one or more of the designated groups.

Positions Posted Simultaneously
Positions may be posted simultaneously which means designated group candidates will be considered first. Other candidates will be considered if no qualified designated group members are found.


   For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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