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 Information about using the manual and its purposes

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Section 201: User's Guide and Glossary

Date Issued: 12/09/1986
Date Revised: 10/05/2019

Purpose of the Manual   

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has compiled the Human Resource Policy ManĀ­ual (the Manual) to provide Human Resource policies and guidelines for employees of Executive Government.                   


The official version of the Manual is located online at


Revisions and updates to policies are communicated to affected employees on an as-needed basis. Summaries of policy changes are also compiled annually for tracking purposes.

Who does the HR Manual apply to?

Applies to all employees to whom The Public Service Act, 1998 applies, who were appointed pursuant to the Act, or as specified in specific policies.


The material presented in the Manual is grouped into major sections which relate to the general functions performed by the PSC and/or employer representatives. Each policy is assigned a number within its respective section.

HR Manual Keyword Index

The Keyword Index is an alphabetical list of topics (keywords) which link to related policies, programs, and/or guidelines located online at  HR Manual Keyword Index.


The Glossary outlines definitions for various terms used throughout the Manual.


Multi-Informational Database Application System (MIDAS)

MIDAS is an integrated information system which the PSC utilizes for both personnel and payroll.

Permanent Employee

The incumbent of a position in the classified service whose appointment has been confirmed in accordance with the provisions of The Public Service Act, 1998.

Probationary Period

A period of time during which the incumbent of a permanent position is working on a trial basis.

Return Service Commitment

An employee's obligation to remain in the employment of the Saskatchewan public service for a specified period of time in return for financial assistance and/or leave time received under the Relocation Expenses Policy (PS 706) or while on maternity, parental or education leave.

Unclassified Division

The part of the public service as defined by The Public Service Act, 1998 Part III, Section 15(2).

Policy Inquiries

For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Center.

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