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‚ÄčPolicies related to the staffing process in the public service

Section 414-8: Secondments

Date Issued 24/09/1993


To guide ministries and agencies regarding the use of secondments in a normal business climate and ensure the accessibility to temporary job assignments whenever possible.

Secondments provide opportunities to:

  • Enhance knowledge, skills and experience;
  • Learn and develop new skills;
  • Increase the competence and flexibility of the Government of Saskatchewan's human resources; and
  • Respond quickly to changing human resource needs.


Secondments and temporary job assignments require a written letter of agreement between the permanent heads of the two ministries that outlines mutually agreeable terms and conditions. The duration of the secondment or temporary job assignment can range from one month to two years. The receiving ministry is responsible for providing compensation.

This requirement may be waived for assignments of two months or less. In these cases, a memorandum of confirmation signed by the permanent head of the receiving ministry is required indicating the start and end dates and the agency responsible for compensation.

Appendix A - Guidelines

Appendix B - Sample letter


Out-of-scope employees within the Government of Saskatchewan.

In-scope employees should refer to the relevant articles in the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

PS/SGEU Collective Agreement

CUPE Collective Agreement



The assignment of an employee from one ministry to another, or to an external agency, for a specific time period and for a specific work assignment, OR the assignment of an individual from an external agency to a government ministry.

Secondments may be to an equivalent classification, or to a classification that is higher or lower than the employee's current position.

Internal Secondment

The temporary assignment of an employee to work for another ministry with the Government of Saskatchewan.

External Secondment

The temporary assignment of a Saskatchewan Government employee to an external agency OR the assignment of an employee from another agency to work within a provincial government ministry.


Treasury Board Minute 2594, June 24, 1993

Permanent Head

Public Service Commission, Chair (external job assignments only)


For inquiries, please contact the Human Resource Service Centre.

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