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The CUPE Classification Plan provides a set of standard criteria to determine the value of one job in relation to another. This ensures jobs with significantly different requirements are paid differently and that jobs of equal or comparable value are paid within the same pay range.

A classification review may be in order if a new set of duties or responsibilities is created or the duties or responsibilities of an existing position have altered sufficiently to justify a review as to the appropriateness of the position's allocation. 

For more information, please refer to the CUPE Classification Plan Manual.

Find out more about CUPE Classification below:

Initiating a Classification Review

Each job evaluation factor has a number of rating levels which assess the required skills, responsibilities, efforts or conditions of work. Every job is assessed at one of the levels in each factor. 

A CUPE classification review begins with the completion of an In-Scope Job Description. Please "Save As" this document to properly complete it.

Please contact your HR Business Partner for more information on initiating a classification review.

CUPE Classification Plan Manual

The CUPE Classification Plan Manual consists of several documents to help with the classification process. This includes the Guide to Completing the Description Questionnaire, information on point values, factor values and the appeal process. The full plan manual can be found in the related documents.

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