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‚ÄčEmployees will be able to find information on their pay including deductions, altering hours of work, overpayments and salary calculations.

Alter Hours of Work

This page will provide you with information on variable hours, reduced hours, additional payments and salary recalculation.


This page will provide you with information on voluntary and involuntary deductions.

Reclassifications and Up-in-Range Appointments  

This page lists upward job reclassifications and up-in-range appointments for in-scope positions.

Repay an Overpayment

This page will provide you with information on how to repay an overpayment.

Payroll Schedules

This page leads to links about Payroll Schedules and Deadlines.

Salary Range

This page leads to links for the various pay schedules for in-scope and out-of-scope employees.

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