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This page lists upward job reclassifications and up-in-range appointments for positions within the scope of the PS/GE and CUPE 600 Collective Bargaining Agreements.

For more information, please refer to the HR Manual, the SGEU Collective Bargaining Agreement or the  CUPE Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Find out more about reclassifications and up-in-range appointments below:

SGEU Employees Up-in-Range Appointments

The following appointments have been made at a rate above the minimum of the applicable range by reason of the qualifications indicated.  In accordance with the applicable union contract (per Article 14.2 of the PSC/SGEU Agreement and Article 22.02 of the CUPE Agreement) employees being paid at lower rates in the range of the class may request a review of their salary if they feel that their qualifications are equivalent.  Requests must be submitted to the email address indicated within 30 days of the date of this tabloid, quoting the competition number along with the details to substantiate qualifications and experience in relation to those advertised. 

The following posting is in accordance with the clauses dealing with "In-Hiring Rate of Pay".
ENV001509 - Provincial Wood Measurement Coordinator
Ministry: Executive Government>026 Environment
Grade and Job: SGEU.12., SFT – SGEU
Salary Range: $36.680-$48.473
Rate Approved: $41.390
Key Responsibilities of position:
Manage the Provincial Scaling Program and Standard;• Coordinate processes to ensure the accurate and complete reporting of wood measurement to facilitate the sustainable management of forest lands and the calculation of Timber Dues and Forest Management Fees;• Ensure that the programs and processes support the Ministry's shift to a more results-based, service-oriented, regulatory approach to attaining desired forest management outcomes;• Lead a unit of subject matter experts that works together to develop and implement an annual Scaling Compliance Plan;• Supervise the development and delivery of the Licensed Scaler Course;• Develop and maintain the Forest Products Scaling Code Chapter and Standard;• Provide subject matter expertise on changes to the Forest Resources Management Act and Regulations related to scaling practices in the province;• Coordinate and provide technical expertise in the development and adoption of a Provincial Scaling Information Management System;• Be responsible to take a broad-scale view of programs and processes; and• Be consistently challenged to develop and implement long and short term strategies that achieve government's focus on efficiency, accountability and results-based regulatory requirements.In order to qualify for this position you will need:• A degree in forestry, or environmental engineering;• Demonstrated leadership experience, managing and supervising staff;• Demonstrated experience in scaling wood and using statistical sampling to develop factors that meet our reliability and accuracy requirements;• Knowledge of CSA technical scaling standards;• Knowledge of and experience with procedures required to maintain and control computer management systems for data integrity as well as security;• Experience in the forest industry, including some knowledge of how to convert wood into lumber, panels, posts and pulp; and• The ability to communicate effectively and collaborate strategically.
Qualifications of person Appointed:
BSc in Forest Science
Master of Science Agroforestry
Registered Environmental Professional, Certified Environmental Practitioner Considerable directly related experience in managing environmental projects
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Closing Date: February 21, 2019

The following posting is in accordance with the clauses dealing with "In-Hiring Rate of Pay".
RES003996 - Senior Health Economist
Ministry: Executive Government>032 Health
Grade and Job: SGEU.12., CRO - SGEU
Salary Range: 38.680-48.473
Rate Approved: $45.000
Key Responsibilities of position:
Reporting to the Manager, Strategic Pharmaceutical Partnerships, you will apply your technical knowledge to conduct economic and financial analyses to evaluate factors and emerging issues affecting the Branch. You will be able to work independently, be confident and proactive, and have exceptional negotiation and communication skills that you will utilize in supporting Saskatchewan’s involvement in the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance. This position requires proven team building skills to establish positive working relationships with a range of internal and external stakeholders. You will have a thorough understanding of health economic analysis principles and techniques, with skill in computer based economic and statistical modeling.
Qualifications of person Appointed:
PhD Economics
MMP Public Policy
13 years relevant experience
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Closing Date: February 21, 2019

The following posting is in accordance with the clauses dealing with "In-Hiring Rate of Pay".
AGR000562 - Provincial Cattle Specialist
Ministry: Executive Government>001 Agriculture
Grade and Job: SGEU.12., CAG - SGEU
Salary Range: $38.680-$48.473
Rate Approved: $48.473
Key Responsibilities of position:
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Branch is seeking a values driven and highly motivated individual as Provincial Cattle Specialist to assist in the growth and development of Saskatchewan’s cattle sector. In this position you will be required to analyze, interpret and summarize beef cattle industry trends, and communicate this information to senior management, government, and industry. You will be a liaison between the ministry and provincial and national cattle associations to understand and identify current and emerging issues that affect cattle production in Saskatchewan. Our candidate of choice will provide on-going evaluations of research proposals and results and assist in identifying emerging opportunities or projects to increase the competitiveness of the beef cattle sector. You will be a ministry resource to support programs and services related to the livestock industry as well as develop and maintain a network of internal and external contacts to obtain and exchange information and resources. You will bring knowledge of the agriculture industry (provincial, national and global), business and economics of the North American cattle sector including markets and risk management tools, business development process as it relates to the development of livestock operations and project management processes. You will also bring strong communication skills to provide both written and verbal information to internal and external stakeholders as well as experience providing presentations, workshops and learning events. This position will require considerable travel within and occasionally outside of the province with irregular hours of work required on occasion. Competencies for this position would typically be obtained through the completion of a Master of Science degree in Agriculture or an equivalent combination of education and experience. A thorough understanding of the cattle industry gained through several years of experience in the beef cattle industry in western Canada is preferred. The successful candidate is required to be a member or eligible for membership in the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists. The successful candidate must have the ability to:• provide strong leadership when working with groups to develop initiatives, programs and project to achieve a desired outcome (Leadership);• provide/obtain/exchange clear and accurate information verbally and in writing in both formal and informal settings to a variety of people (eg. community, clients, colleagues, other governments, industry) in a manner appropriate to the audience
(Communication);• consult/work with other organizations, colleagues, individuals and communities to develop positive working relationships, policies and protocols, address complaints and establish partnerships and networks of internal and external stakeholders
(Interpersonal);• search for and assess data/information to develop materials, report and/or make decisions, recommendations and conclusions to enable industry stakeholders and ministry staff to solve production and economic problems (Problem solving);• work independently and collaborate as a team member with co-workers, agencies, organizations and others to consistently meet client and program needs (Team/independence);• create and generate queries, reports, documents and presentations using internet, word processing, databases, spreadsheets and other software programs (Technical);• plan and organize multiple complex tasks and projects taking into consideration changing priorities to meet strict and/or changes
Qualifications of person Appointed:
Masters of Science
Bachelors of Science
Published several research papers in journals and has a long list of research projects
20 years of directly related professional experience, the majority of which has been focused on cattle at the Western Beef Development Center and at the University of Saskatchewan.
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Closing Date:  February 16, 2019

The following posting is in accordance with the clauses dealing with "In-Hiring Rate of Pay".
FIN003311 - Financial Consultant
Ministry: Executive Government>013 Central Services
Grade and Job: SGEU.11., FAT - SGEU
Salary Range: $36.610-$45.874
Rate Approved: $40.903
Key Responsibilities of position:
Reporting to the Manager, Financial Planning & Reporting, this Financial Consultant position provides ministry-wide services related to:
• supervising the work of the Contract Administration unit and staff management of the Contract Administrators within the unit;
• financial analysis and expertise to support capital budget development, capital forecasting and expenditure management; recruitment
• ensuring that the administration of the ministry’s contracts and the payments against those contracts adhere to the policies, procedures, legislation, and regulations that the ministry is governed by;
• preparing reports to support decision making;
• developing and monitoring internal processes, policies, and procedures;• identifying areas of risk or deficiencies and recommending/implementing corrective actions;• financial analysis of business operations and providing advice regarding accounting principles, FAM, internal policies and relevant legislation;
• preparation of financial reports for internal and special reporting requirements in accordance with ministry and government policies. 
 The successful candidate will have knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and financial processes including budgeting, forecasting, and reporting within the public sector as well as knowledge of computer software applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word, integrated financial systems and financial reporting systems. Knowledge of MIDAS would be considered an asset.
Qualifications of person Appointed:
CPA designation
10 years of directly related accounting experience
Bachelor of Business Administration
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Closing Date: February 14, 2019

The following posting is in accordance with the clauses dealing with "In-Hiring Rate of Pay".
TRA000844 - Journeyperson Carpentar
Ministry: Executive Government>013 Central Services
Grade and Job: SGEU.07., TJC - SGEU
Salary Range: $27.079 - $32.946
Rate Approved: $28.50
Key Responsibilities of position:
Provide various construction and renovation services in various locations and communities throughout the province.Utilize your skills, knowledge and abilities gained through your Journeyperson Carpenter technical training and on-the-job experience as you construct, repair, maintain, alter and/or renovate structures/buildings/offices both internally and externally in various locations. Fabricate, install and maintain interior/exterior doors, fire doors, windows, wall panels, cabinetry and other miscellaneous items needed by the client.
Qualifications of person Appointed:
Red Seal Journeyperson status
6 years experience in finishing
3 years apprenticing carpenter experience
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Closing Date:  January 31, 2019

SGEU Encumbered Upward Reclassifications

CUPE Employees Up-in-Range Appointments

There are currently no up-in-range appointments for CUPE employees.

CUPE Encumbered Upward Reclassifications

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