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​There are a number of items for a manager to consider before beginning the hiring progress. Once the decision is made to use the staffing process, the competition needs to be set up and posted.

For assistance navigating Taleo, please refer to Taleo Instructions.

Initiating staffing is the first step in hiring an employee followed by Screen Applications.

Staffing Needs

When a position becomes or is anticipated to become vacant, the most common response is to post a competition or replace the outgoing employee with another employee who has a similar skill set. However, there are a number of things that should be considered before defaulting to staffing the position including:

  • Has the purpose of the unit or position changed or will it change? Have priorities shifted?
  • Do the responsibilities of this position need to change? Should this position focus on something different than it did before?
  • Is the commitment to workplace diversity being considered and how best can that be achieved?

Complete a Staffing Requisition

Staffing requisitions are completed through the Government's online application tracking system called Taleo. 

Taleo is used to post job ads on the Government of Saskatchewan's Career Centre. It electronically tracks candidates and allows hiring managers to view and process applications. 

In completing a requisition, the hiring manager (or assistant) will enter position information (from MIDAS), competency requirements for the position, the job advertisement, prescreening questions (if applicable) and posting dates and instructions.

For more information, please see Taleo Instructions on how to complete a staffing requisition.

Competition File

For each staffing competition there is an electronic file created in Taleo and a paper file to retain records that cannot be captured within Taleo. Together, the two files form the complete staffing competition file.  See Staffing Competition File Requirements Checklist for more information.

The hiring manager must ensure that the competition is documented properly and that the paper competition file is comprehensive. This file may be called for review by the Public Service Commission.  It also needs to be stored, like all other records, in accordance with the Administrative Records Management Schedule. 


Selecting appropriate competencies for a position is important: they form the basis on which the hiring manager will assess candidates in order to choose a qualified candidate to fill the position.

Begin by reviewing the in-scope SGEU Competency Profiles or Leadership and Management Competencies to help determine which ones are applicable to the position. Some thought must be made to what competencies are required to be successful when the new employee starts in the position.

It is important to include one or more competencies supporting Government of Saskatchewan's Commitment to Excellence to assist you in selecting candidates whose values align with our workplace culture. 

For more information on competencies and how they relate to our work.

Recruitment and Advertising Plan

Before posting a job competition on Taleo, a manager should refer to the Recruitment and Advertising GuideThis guide details items to consider when developing a recruitment plan and options to advertise the competition. For job advertisement language and competencies for Middle Manager vacancies, please refer to Middle Manager Excellence.

Posting Requirements

Depending on the employment type, there are different posting requirements, in terms of the length of the posting and where an advertisement needs to be posted.  Refer to Posting Requirements for details. 

Applications Received Outside of Taleo/Career Centre

Ideally, all applications should be submitted online – this allows the candidate to answer prescreening questions associated with the requisition. It also ensures the Staffing Competition Report lists all applicants to the requisition. If a hard copy application is submitted, the candidate should be strongly encouraged to apply online. If a candidate does not have internet access or a computer at home, they can utilize a computer at a Labour Market Services office or a public library. If the candidate is unable to do that before the posting closes, then the application should be accepted, along with their e-mail address (if they have one) to facilitate future correspondence. A scanned copy of their application should be emailed immediately to to request that it be included in the competition, prior to the close of the posting.

If a candidate submits a late application (after the posting close date), consider the reasons for it being late. If there were technical issues with applying, for example, it is reasonable to include it in the competition. Also, for a fully merit-based competition, it may not be unreasonable to accept a late application as well. Speak with your Human Resource Business Partner if you are not sure.

When a panel representative is assigned, SGEU will send the hiring manager an email. When a panel rep has been assigned and there is a change to the date or time of the screening meeting or interviews, ensure the panel representative is notified directly with as much notice as possible.

If SGEU's Panel Rep Coordinator has not assigned a panel rep to a competition, it is not appropriate for someone to show up at the screening meeting or interviews and take it upon themselves to be the panel rep.  The competition will proceed without a panel rep.

Notification to SGEU depends on the employment type:

  • SGEU Permanent Full Time, SGEU Permanent Part Time, and SGEU Term of Nine Months or Greater - A notification will be sent automatically through Taleo when the competition is posted.
  • SGEU Term Less Than Nine Months - SGEU does not have the right to representation for these competitions so no union notification is required.
  • SGEU Permanent Labour Service (PLS) - for a PLS competition that does not use Taleo, hiring managers endeavour to notify SGEU at with a minimum of 48 hours' notice prior to the first panel meeting (screening), providing the following information: job title and ministry; location; job and grade; whether the competition is diversity and if so, for what group(s); ad and competency requirements; posting and closing dates; hiring manager name and email address; screening date, time and location; and interview/assessment date, time and location.
  • SGEU Eligibility Lists - Eligibility lists require additional discussion with the Union. If you are creating an eligibility list competition, consult with your HR Business Partner.

​Contact Information

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact:

Phone: 1-877-852-5808 or 306-798-0000

Fax: 1-877-852-9219 or 306-798-9966

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