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​Screening is the initial phase of assessment used to determine which applicants will be invited to participate further in the assessment process.

For assistance navigating Taleo, please refer to Taleo Instructions.

Screen Applications comes after Initiate Staffing and before Assess Candidates.

Applications Received Outside of Taleo/Career Centre

If applications are submitted outside of Taleo/Career Centre, click here.

Application and Resume Screening

When the posting closes, the hiring manager will receive a Staffing Competition Report via email. This email contains instructional information and the report contains important seniority and diversity information on the applicant pool as well as other information that will help in preparing the commencement for the employee who will ultimately be hired. For more information, please see the Staffing Competition Report Guide.

Screening is done using the information a candidate provides at the time of their application (i.e. cover letter, resume, answers to pre-screening questions, etc.). Screening applications is not intended to assess all competency requirements identified for the position, because many of them are best assessed in person or through reference checks.  Screening of applications should be based on "screenable" competency requirements that can be reasonably identified in a resume, such as technical skills or knowledge, and any credentials if they are a bona fide requirement for the job.

Criteria, expectations and rationale for candidates who meet or do not meet the requirements must be clearly documented on the Preliminary Screening Results form (Merit, or Senior Qualified, Relatively Equal).  Hiring managers do not have to include rationale for every single applicant, but only for candidates who are screened in for further assessment. For senior qualified staffing, rationale must also be documented for more senior applicants who have not been screened in. The Preliminary Screening Results form (Merit, or Senior Qualified, Relatively Equal) is part of management's assessment notes for the competition file, and, as such, is not to be provided to the union panel rep. The union rep takes their own notes. For more information on the union rep and roles, please see Initiate Staffing.

Once the hiring manager has completed their screen, they can put the decisions into Taleo. For more information, please refer to the Viewing and Screening Candidate Applications.

For information about Merit-based (relatively equal) staffing, refer to the Merit-Based (Relatively Equal) Staffing page.

Inviting Candidates

Once screening decisions are finalized, the hiring manager will need to invite the short-listed candidate(s) for the in-person assessment (e.g. interview). 

Using the Booking Facilities for Interviews checklist to confirm logistics,  (dates, times, locations, technology and accommodation support requirements, if any) the hiring manager can send the invitations for interviews electronically through Taleo. For more information, please refer to the Sending Invitations to Assessment guide.

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