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Central Services, in partnership with SaskTel, has successfully deployed a new phone system for government to replace the current Centrex VoIP (IP) system. Government's Centrex IP phones and system were end-of-life and no longer supported by the manufacturer. As part of phase one of the phone replacement project, the new Integrated Business Communications (IBC) service rolled out across 42 government buildings that had the Centrex IP service. Phase two of the phone replacement project, planned for spring of 2020, will migrate additional legacy Centrex (non-IP lines) to IBC.   

IBC phone replacement project

Government's phones are being migrated to SaskTel's IBC service – Integrated Business Communication. Information about the phone replacement project can be found here. 

IBC phone system

The IBC phone system offers improved features and functionality to support employee's daily business needs and operations beyond just making and receiving calls. Information about how to use the phone can be found here

IBC phone replacement project deployment schedule

Phase one of the IBC phone replacement project is complete. Phase two will begin in the spring of 2020 at which time location and scheduling information can be found here. 

IBC help posters

Reference the IBC posters for useful change and feature information related to the telephone replacement project here.