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There are a number of things you will need to do to help prepare for their arrival. 

Managers should use the Manager's Guide to Orienting New Employees for more information on onboarding and orientation. For information on how to onboard remotely, use the guide for Remote Onboarding.

Card Access 

Some office locations may require an employee to have card access to their workspace. Learn more about card access services.

IT service request 

New employees will need a workstation along with a number of other IT service such as network/folder access and being added to distributions lists. All this can be done by submitting a service request form to the IT division of Central Services.

Photo ID 

Some employees may require Government of Saskatchewan photo ID to gain access to different government buildings. Learn more about photo ID services.


As part of getting an employee’s workstation ready you may need to ensure they have a telephone, landline account and are registered in the government directory.

New Employee Forms
New employees are required to fill out several start-up and benefit forms online at the time of starting. Find the information you need here.

Position Management

Position management processes are required for establishing new positions, changing headcounts on positions, eliminating positions, reactivating positions and changing HR Org on positions.

Work planning

In order to start employee's on the right track, it is encouraged that managers work through employee work planning as soon as possible. It engages employees, and will help an employee understand how their work fits into the larger work of the ministry and of government. 

Make arrangements for a contractor to start work

There are a number of things you may need to do to arrange for a contractor to begin work. 

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